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Sissy's story and pics

One of my sissies wrote a short story about how he became a sissy and what happened when he started craving real cock for the first time. Enjoy reading it!

"I'm a sissy and I enjoy taking cock" written by Sissy Candy

"So for years I have dreamt of serving Woman as a full slave or fully submissive to them in any way. As young as 15 I was having dreams if being lost on an island full of dominant Women that ruled over men and they only lived to serve. This idea has developed through out my life and is now becoming a reality.

I crave the abuse, being degraded and humiliation of the tasks set and the attention no matter how small I get from a superior Female.

From this I began to think that I was not worthy of pleasuring a Female with my pathetic little cock and it would amuse Women more if I was no longer allowed to pleasure them sexually with my cock, instead I should become a sissy slut and would only suck and take real cocks for the amusement of Dominant Females.

From this I joined gay contact sites looking to be used, just to humiliate myself in perpetration for being owned. It didn't take long before I was told I would be used by someone nearby. I was ordered to drive to a local wood strip off naked in the car then walk into the woods and wait. After a little while a fully clothed man arrived and instantly ordered me to undo his jeans and pull out his cock. I was then ordered to drop to my knees and take his cock into my mouth to make his cock nice and hard. I started sucking his cock taking it deep as I could but was chocked by his size, grabbing my head I was allowed no reset instead forced deeper. When he had enough and wanted more he pulled me up pulling on my nipples and began running his hands all over my body like a toy. He turned me around and bent me over without warning I had my first experience of having a real hard cock in my arse. Pumping my sissy arse full of his cock, when he was close he made me clench my arse, as he filled my slut hole full of cum. After I was back on my knees licking his cock clean.

After he walked off and left me naked in the woods to get back to my car, used and full of cum, I realised that this was the start of my journey to becoming a sissy cum slut only here to be abused and amuse Dominant Females in what ever they decided, even if it involved taking real cock."


  1. I am owned by Goddess Veronica and will do anything to please her

  2. Extremely erotic experience to read about. thank you for sharing