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A little treat for you

I've been neglecting the blog for weeks now, I know...but fear not, I've spent all this time planning new fabulous things, and since you've all been so lovely and patient, I've decided to offer a little treat and a sneak peek of things to come. Enjoy.

Available now at Divine Bitches:  Divine Dungeon Punishment

Mike Panic has spent a long time in Lily Lane's divine dungeon, unaware that she locked him there for taunting her on the street. Now the tables are turned and Lily enacts her revenge. She paddles him, flogs him and pegs him hard and deep, turning him into her submissive little bitchboy. Lily then makes him pleasure her, giving her orgasm after orgasm until she discards him like the lowlife trash he is.

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Free task for all slaves!

I have a FREE task available for all submissives, it's quick & painless.
If you're seriously interested in doing this task for me, email me to:


I'll send you the instructions and expect the tasks to be done IMMEDIATELY. Do not message if you can't spare 5 minutes to do this. Keep in mind that doing this task for me does NOT mean that you're owned by me.

You'll just be doing your Superior Goddess a favour, that's all.
Email now for further instructions! 


What is financial fetish?

You've heard about Findom, financial domination and financial servitude, right? Most of you probably have some negative pre assumptions about it, even though you've never tried it. Some of you might even think it's not a legitimate fetish...but who are you to judge anyone else's fetish? Who defines what a person can find attractive?

Let me give you an example. I have slaves who like to eat shit. Yes. That's eating actual human feces and ENJOYING it. I don't like it, and I certainly don't have a fetish for it, but does it stop these people from having this fetish and eating shit? No, it does not. Can I judge them based on their interested in eating shit? No, I cannot. Are they any different than any other human being? No, they are not. Are they harming anyone when they indulge in this fetish? Nope. And even if you tried your damnest to judge them and ridicule them for their shit eating fetish, would they stop doing it? No, they literally don't give a shit about your opinion!

So why waste time and energy hating or disapproving something you can do nothing about? Something that doesn't even concern you? That's my advice for people who say negative things about financial domination. Some subs are into it, some are not. Just like some eat shit, some don't. Some of us Dommes do financial domination, some don't. Everybody is free to do as they please and your opinion is not needed.

Have you ever wondered what financial domination really is? If it's a real fetish? If people really engage in it and enjoy it? Well, read this article here and maybe you will be educated on the matter.

Financial Domination is when people, usually experienced slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money and gifts to a Superior Goddess. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled by a Superior Female in any and every way possible. True financial domination means that the financial slave tributes money on his OWN FREE WILL without expecting anything in return. Often the Goddess humiliates the slave verbally while he tributes Her. The act of giving money to a Goddess is the fetish and brings the slave excitement, pleasure and satisfaction.

Many financial slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis, as well as buy their Superior Goddess gifts whenever told to or whenever they feel it necessary. Often a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Goddess' bill which he will pay faithfully every month for Her. Many financial slaves serve on monthly basis, they commit to giving a part of their monthly income to their Superior and this way get to be a part of their lives. The sub gets pleasure from knowing how the Goddess is spoiling herself with new things, clothes and shoes, or going out to expensive dinners or getting spa treatments with the cash they've tributed.

The financial slave desires for his Goddess to live like Royalty while he himself is often forced to make financial sacrifices. The financial slaves truly see their Goddess as a Superior Being and worships them as such.

There are many different names and terms for financial slaves: ATM slave, shopping slave, paypig, cash cow, human ATM, finsub...etc. Each of them is treated in their own special way and every financial slave is different, just like all subs are individuals. Financial fetish is a very real fetish and it's very close to Total Power Exchange.

Needless to say, I do financial domination, as well, among a wide array of other fetishes and kinks. I'm a shopaholic, that means I am addicted to shopping and I do get a real adrenaline rush from buying new things and spending money. Money itself can excite and arouse me, make me feel powerful, as well as things that represent financial wealth: expensive cars, jewellery, brand name clothes, expensive cosmetics, traveling to exotic places, fancy restaurants...the list is endless.

Right now I have an opening for an online financial slave, long term serving is preferred. Details of the financial domination contract will be discussed privately over Skype or email. As most of you know by now from reading my blog, I'm online daily, and spend a lot of time with my most loyal servants. My most important servants get to serve me on a very personal level.

If you are interested in talking this further, just email your application to:


What is Chemical Fetish?

You boys are very curious and always asking questions about new kinks and fetishes, and one of the fetishes I get asked about the most is playing with chemicals. I love using different chemicals for torture and especially CBT, I have years of experience and have learned quite a bit about the do and don'ts, kinky play has to always be sane and safe, as you know. I don't encourage permanent damage to a slave, so if you wish to try chemical play, please read this article, study the topic online and do your research first. If you don't, you might end up with a really, really bad experience with chemicals and you could be scarred for life, literally! So use caution!

This is just a short introduction to the chemical fetish, explaining the different aspects and ways to enjoy. As with any fetish, there are as many ways to play this as there are players!

Chemical Fetish is based on the idea of putting a sub through various sensations. They can be induced through various methods like Sensation Play, Food Play and Chemical Play. When all these different kinks are brought together they produce the Chemical Fetish.

Sensation play is used by many couples in a way that wouldn’t be considered a form of BDSM as they use everyday items like scarves or ice. These sorts of items can inhibit a frequently used sense or engage a sense that is not often felt. A scarf could be used as a blind fold and the ice could be used to make nipples more sensitive. These are both fairly normal uses but there are much kinkier aspects of sensation play.

Despite spanking and caning being their own fetish, the action causes a throbbing sensation where contact has hit and that gives a great deal of pleasure to some people. In a similar vein, biting and scratching cause two unique sensations which are frequently used to “torture” subs. The induction of these sensations is usually accompanied by the dominant Goddess mocking the slave for their complete submission.

Food play is more common than some might think. The idea of feeding a Dominant woman strawberries is a gentle type of food play. Many (more experienced) people like to be drenched in a liquid food such as custard, cream or melted chocolate. It gives a sensation that is unique to each individual and stimulates the release of hormones. This is how food play ties into sensation play as the food can cause an on set effect to cause the sensations.

An obvious use of Food in a fetish manner is insertion and penetration. Some foods like ice lolly’s can be inserted into the anus or vagina. These give a sensation throughout the entire body which makes it an excellent form of torture. Other insertable’s include any phallic fruit or vegetable such as a cucumber or a banana. Penetration foods are objects that a penis can be thrust into such as a ring doughnut or pineapple slices which give the sensation of sex or masturbation.

The final aspect is Chemical play. This can involve food such as spicy sauces or chilli’s to invoke a painful feeling in the anus or urethra. The whole purpose of this is to completely submit your body to your Goddess because you are letting them put you through a very large amount of pain. A regularly used food is the Cayenne pepper which is used to make a very spicy sauce.

Other Chemical Play involves the use of different lotions and creams. Icy-hot is a lotion used to relive joint pains, but when inserted into the urethra it can cause a lot of pain and pleasure to a true submissive slave. Other common lotions involve deep heat and Tiger Balm which cause similar effects as Icy-hot.

To conclude, a Chemical Fetish can be comprised of three different forms of play; food, chemical and sensation. When used individually these fetishes provide an excellent method of dominating and stimulating a slave but when you combine them all they provide a truly unique experience for both Domme and Sub.


From the archives: erotic sissy story "Meeting Goddess V"

I have posted quite a few erotic sissy stories here in past years and they have always been some of My most popular posts, you filthy boys like to read about nasty sissy sluts getting treated like they should, don't you?

Here's a blast from the past, a sissy story written by sissy Claire! Enjoy!

"Meeting Goddess V"

"When he agreed to the arrangement, Josh had no idea what was going to happen. He had followed a friend of his to a club where he’d met a woman named Goddess V. They chattered whilst the music blazed and the lights blared. She had a stunning red hair, with tight lips but a sweet smile. Her body form was what he qualified as voluptuous. He thought she was stunning. The perfect physical form of a woman.

They found their way to a quiet corner of the club and she sat curled up in the corner seat. ‘You don’t look like the kind of guy that comes to these sorts of clubs a lot.’ The fetish bar had been his friend’s idea. Dan had dragged him into it at just past eleven at night, despite all of Josh’s arguments. This lady seemed lovely though. She made Josh feel comfortable and at ease. The gentle brushes of her hand on his leg and the flirtatious whispers turned him on to a new level.

‘I’ve often looked at the fetish world, in porn and stuff, but I never tried it out.’ It was true. He’d often jerked it to a woman tying up another and fucking them until they were satisfied. It was hot sure, but he hadn’t even had normal sex, let alone the kinky stuff. ‘If I’m being honest, I’m a virgin, so kinky stuff isn’t likely to find me.’ 

She lent in close to his ear and whispered ‘Serve me. You’ll find it will satisfy all your fantasies.’ She leant back into her corner and looked at him. She was wearing a black and red corset with a black lace trim and a tight latex mini skirt. Beneath the skirt, a pair of close net leggings led down the legs to a pair of black thigh high leather boots with a red leather trim. The beautiful smile was laced with red lipstick and a light bit of gloss which made them irresistible. Her hair was just above her shoulders, a little wavy, but perfect. The eye mask was gorgeous as well. The black sequins around the edges flashed in synchronisation with the lights.

‘When can I start?’ Josh said smiling. He’d meant it as a joke but suddenly a leather boot was on his legs. He looked at her and she raised an eyebrow and pushed him to the floor with the heel of her boot resting on his chest.

‘Kiss it.’ Was all she said. He did. He had no idea why but he knelt at her feet and kissed the leather. ‘You don’t know it yet, but this is only the beginning. You’ll be begging for this privilege soon enough.’ He licked and kissed the boots until they shined. ‘That’s enough. Kneel and wait for an order.’ She sipped at her drink and enjoyed the music for a few moments, glancing at her new slave. The next few minutes would be key to making him fully submissive. 

She waited. And waited. Eventually, he looked down at the floor for less than a second and the moment he looked up, Goddess V’s legs were wrapping around his neck and pulling his face close to the meeting at her thighs. ‘You know what’s there. Now you know that you’ll never get it. You’re mine now. I own you now. Understood?’ He nodded. Josh thought this would be a one night thing and was willing to do anything to please this genuine Goddess. ‘Stay on your knees and follow me.’
She seductively walked over to the bath rooms and opened the door to the ladies. Josh hesitated as he noticed the sign. That earned him a swift kick to his testicles. Another dome behind him straddled him and yelled in his ear ‘Never disobey your superiors bitch!’ She stood and another kick sent Josh sprawling head first into the bathroom after Goddess V who was now laughing.

She went into a cubicle and shut the door behind her new slave. ‘I know what I said earlier suggested no sex, but you’re popping your cherry tonight my pet. Strip for me.’ He did as he was told and stood in front of V. She pulled something from a pocket in her skirt and rested it on the now rock solid (but still quite small) dick. ‘That is the thong I was wearing at the start of the evening. Put it on.’ He, again, obeyed. Goddess V stood and pulled a strip of black silk out of her other pocket and fashioned it into a blindfold and applied it to her toy. 

Naked and blindfolded, Josh felt exposed but horny. The hands of his owner bent him over and pushed his face into her lap, resting it on the latex. She knocked on the side of the cubicle twice and waited. A massive black cock appeared through a hole in the door. 

She fastened Josh to some restraints by the seat and two to his ankles to the base of the door. The last part of the initiation was almost complete. ‘Enjoy your first gift from your new Goddess my dear. They’ll be more if you behave.’ With that the cock edged its way towards the awaiting hole of the bound and blind slave."