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Sissy Alisha's story

Another one of my sissy sluts want to share her story with you all. Enjoy sissy Alisha's story and pictures and as always, feel free to comment, too!

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"The Becoming of Sissy Alisha

I think that I started feeling like a sissy when I was in high school. I would always get so excited when I would watch tranny porn and also said to myself that I would love to be one of those girls trying to please the men dressed up all sexy in heels and a sexy outfit.

I started out by wearing my mother's clothes and heels when no one was home. I built up some courage and when and bought a dildo. I was so excited when I got home and no one was home I went straight and got dressed up and got my toy out and started sucking it thinking it was a big cock. My little sissy cock was so hard. I decided to push that dildo into my ass. It hurt to start off with but I got used to it really quickly and I loved it and I came so hard. From that day I went out and bought my own panties, bra, heels, stockings and toys.

I haven't really had any experience in person before I have read about a lot of the parties that happen but I have only ever performed on myself on cam for the girls on web cam sites. I have ties my cock and balls up with shoelace, stuck cotton buds down my pee hole, dripped hot wax over my cock and body, stretched my ass with random objects from around the house from bottels, brushes, heels all my toys at once. I have eaten my cum a lot I love it, cumming on my face in a glass or on food. I have been at work in my butt plug all day that was so exciting.

I am really looking forward to serving Goddess Veronica and being online is the best idea because we can always keep in contact and its a better relationship between Goddess and slave. I am really looking forward to becoming a perfect sissy slut for my Goddess.

written by obedient slut Sissy Alisha"


Story of sissy Jazmine part 3

The story of sissy slut Jazmine continues on. Wish to be feminized and sissified like Jazmine by your Superior Goddess? Wish to serve me online like this slut does? Email your sissyslut application to:

Here's the part 3 of Jazmine's slutty adventures, written by Jazmine Dolly:

"While off into my pink sissy world I was confronted by my Wife with her Sister (bride to be) holding her bridesmaid dress. She comes to me angry and her sister looking repulsed and holding back from laughing. She holds it up in front of me and says do you seee a problem with this dress? I acting like im not understanding say its not your best color. She then forces it right in front of my face so im staring just inches from the sissy spunk stain i left. I said maybe something spilled on it in your closet she flipped in inside out revealing a bigger stain.. she then says no looks like some guy wore it and jizzed in it to us. she says it as she forces my own cum stain right against my mouth and nose rubbing it like i was a bad dog. you ruined my dress and only one day to go you sissy faggot. I knew you were wearing my panties and bra's because how they were stretched. i seee her sister gasp laughing. You are to find a emergency dry cleaner and tell them to please remove the stain you caused. while they do that you are to go to the store and get your OWN bra's and panties. i dont care what your sissy fag ass does anymore just keep out of my stuff! She says as she walks back to the kitchen with her sister laughing in tow adding that goes for my makeup too! 

Completely humiliated i look online for same day dry cleaning and find a place in town. As im going there i get a text from my wife asking where im taking her dress so she knows its a god place. I answer and she replies "good ill call after a while and make sure you said you caused the stain". She can be sooo delightfully ruthless when pissed off.. I enter the cleaner and take the dress to the counter and tell the young girl tat i caused this stain on this dress before my wife could wear it. i don't think she cared or knew what i was talking about because all she said was your rush order will be done at 4. I was just going to go hang out at the coffee shop when wifie texted again "sissy needs her own panties" i answered thank you and proceed to a department store where i went to the lingerie department. sissy heaven! After walking the department i no longer cared all i knew is my wife was now ordering me to get panties and bra's. I ended up selecting at least 10 panties, 3 bra's, and thigh high nylons. I go to the counter knowing there is no lie to hide these arnt for me so i just go all femme gay and say i just needed to update to the girl. She turns red and laughs saying yes i do that too. 

On my way back out i see these awesome black shiny stretch pants i get that and a sexy revealing red top. I guess it was the freedom of being ordered to do it but i just went sissy crazy spending $200. I see its later than the pick up time and hurry back to the cleaners where i was told my wife called and wanted to have us show you some dresses that didnt get picked up that we sell for you. She said you are to pick yourself at least 2 taking me to where there are only pink and yellow dresses hanging. The 2 oriental women say together giggling we think these will be your size. I chose 2 satin dresses both pink and having alot of lace. Appeared to be prom dresses. The girls show how they removed "my mess" inside and out I thank them saying the dresses are beautiful and are they always available. Going home i find my wife is still there but her sister had left. I was relieved for that at least. Taking all of my packages in i was met by her looking at everything. Wow you went sissy crazy laughing. Looking threw my bags saying wow your just slutty aren't you? I then had to hold my dresses up for her to see. She was soo encouraging then seriously saying look i wanted to marry a MAN clearly your not. She says as im holding up a pink full length strapless sweetheart dress to myself. She is like be yourself but don't embarrass me and im going to start doing my own thing too. She adds oooh by the way i threw away all your boy underwear sissykins you should have gotten more everyday panties any real girl knows to keep her "im gonna get fucked" panties nice and new. The rest of the night I helped her get ready for her sisters wedding."

Part 4 loving her loving other men - coming soon!

And here's one of Jazmine Dolly's many filthy sissy captions from her very popular and very nasty sissy blog on Tumblr. There's no denying it, sluts, you all want big black cock in that manhole of yours, don't you bois? You're not real men, you're nothing but cock craving cum dumps. Get to Jazmine's naughty Tumblr here:


Story of sissy Jazmine part 2

The part 1 of Jazmine Dolly's sissy story turned out to be very popular, you cum stained wank jobs loved to read it, didn't you? Well here's the part 2! Enjoy!

"totally jazmine - part 2

After being exposed to this new and wonderful world of femininity there was no way i could ever stop. While young and single I would buy an assortment of panties, bra's, lingerie, heels, EVERYTHING! This i kept hidden while still living with my mom while attending college. My sister of course knew and was soo happy to help turn me gay I think she thought that was just soo radical and cool. Like she was part of some movement to let us sissies out of the closet. 

In the mornings my mom would be at work leaving my sister and i alone where i could be comfortable walking around in girlie pajamas. She would constantly try hooking me up with other bois she knew who were gay. At that time i still didn't desire cock and longed for girls. In retrospect i see now its wanting to be them. To be free and as feminine as i want as a real girl. I managed to date girls some of whom dumped me saying that they thought i was sooo nice but they wanted more of a real man. One girl was rather cruel about it saying that after 3 dates she expected sex and dates felt like time out with the girls just talking. she poignantly said maybe your just not straight giggling and she said it. 

After that I purged and ended up getting married suppressing my sissy desires worked for a couple of years. This worked okie until she brought home a beautiful satin bridesmaid dress for her sisters wedding. Prior to that i would only try on her panties and maybe some bra's. I couldn't resist and while she was at work i shaved entirely put on her sexiest lingerie and thigh high panty hose. I put the dress on the bed as i put her makeup on. i then gently eased into it feeling the satiny material caress me as i eased into it. I zipped up the back and adjusted the deep purple dress with its overlaying lace. I had given myself some figure by filling my bra with balloons filled with warm water. It felt soo wonderful to be weighted there soo ultra femme. I found myself looking at myself in the mirror and i put my wifes "do me" (thats what she called it) hot red lipstick on. 

After that i was just admiring the beautiful gurl in the mirror finding myself excited and leaking into her panties. I didnt think and instinctively starting rubbing my little girlie stick threw the material. i was looking at myself in the mirror and i looked like a girl rubbing herself i started moaning like a girl and within minutes i spurted in her panties! It was sooo intense i fell to my knees trying not to get my nasty boy goo on her dress. With regret and fear i took off the dress not looking to see if i made a mess. hanging it back up in her closet. I then clean up everything else and hide her messy panties. After that it all started over again and I found myself going threw all of her things wearing her panties daily and all the time. Pandora's box was opened again and i started going to sissy sites again chatting with other sissies and couldn't stop.

PART 3. Why is there this stain in my bridesmaid dress?"

Written by sissy Jazmine Dolly


Story of an online service sub

Posting another story of an servant of mine, this is a young guy, who's very service oriented and obedient. And he's very active in both RT and online, which is great, too! Below are a couple of pics of this slave, too.

"Going over the course of my life, I'm not exactly sure when I had the feelings of submission towards Women. I do remember being twelve, and my family finally got a computer. Within days of searching, I found a few websites that depicted men being inferior, made to wear Women's clothing, to be humiliated. For whatever reason, these ideas were imprinted onto myself, and have stuck.

My experiences in the scene have been extremely positive. Between the semi-vanilla munches, and the outrageously fun play parties, I've enjoyed myself. The first time I've really scened was about 3 months ago. It was at my first play party, which was in the basement of a bar. A couple approached me and asked if I wanted to go up on the cross. I wasn't sure what they meant, but in my nervous state, I had gotten pretty drunk, and didn't care. We had a 45 minute session which left me extremely bruised and bloody. While I'm not much of a masochist, I'm very much a service sub. I enjoy making other people happy. Seeing my two Dominants smiling the way they were was enough to make me enjoy myself .

I've heard a lot of people bash online D/s relationships, and I am not entirely sure why. Serving over the internet gives many an outlet to do things they would never be able to do in real time, and be able to be matched with someone who you may never be able to meet face to face. I see it as an all around win.

As stated previously, I am a service sub. I genuinely enjoy making others happy, especially serving Dominant Women.

Goddess Veronica's online slave"


New high heels and latex

I rarely post any tributes here on my blog, most of the tribute porn goes to my Twitter or my profile on Elite Financial Domination, but this time the goods are too good to ignore! And I have a feeling some of you fetish freaks, freaks like me, might want to see these, too!

Couple of my obedient slave boys have been spoiling me with new high heels and latex gear lately, and just this week I got two massive boxes delivered to my door! It was so much fun opening these boxes and I think even the delivery guy knew what kind of kinkyness was in them, he was blushing and avoided eye contact with me. Poor guy! Maybe he wanted to get spanked by me...maybe next time I'll ask!

So here you can see some of the recent tributes my boys have bought me. A new latex shirt, which will look great with my E-cup breasts and be perfect for sessions, and then there's the red vinyl sheet, that's going to be a fabulous backdrop for online sessions and photo shoots. And then there are the shoes. Shoes shoes and more shoes!

These are of course just a little example of all the fetish gear and high heels I have, I have gathered quite a collection of goodies over the years. If there's anything you'd ever want to see on me, shoes and boots especially, let me know. I am a shoe fetishist, and I do take requests for photo sets. I also have a massive collection of nylon, stockings, fishnets, stay ups, hold ups...you name it!

So if you wish to see me wear these shoes, all you have to do is either email me (goddessxveronica@gmail.com) or make it simple and go here to make a request:

And now the pics, enjoy!
Click on the pics if you want to see them as a slideshow!


Story of sissy Jazmine part 1

One of my loyal sissies, Jazmine Dolly, wants to share her story with you all. She's writing it and I'll be posting it here on my blog one part at a time. Hope you enjoy!

"Part 1 the early sissy years by Jazmine Dolly

When i was little i only played with girls and my best friend was a girl. I never got involved in anything "boy" like and if it was thrust upon me it would make me sad. At some point i discovered the clothes in my older sisters closet and would "play" in there for hours. My favorites were her pretty dresses and night gowns. They made me feel like a princess I would wear her pretty pink panties and training bra's with them too. I found her room to be soo inviting for me all of these wonderful things for me it was like my fantasy world. I was caught by my sister a couple of times the first one being the time she caught me in her one piece bathing suit at like 13 years old. I told her that i just need to feel what it was like to wear what my friend would wear swimming. She couldn't stop laughing and said i was soo cute in her pink suit. The second time is when she caught a gimps of the top of her pink hanes panties protruding from my jeans at like 15. I then had to confess that I wore them all the time because the just felt "lighter" and made me feel happier wearing them. She helped me by giving me all of her pink panties so we would know whos is whos then our mom would wash and she would return "my panties". So for almost all of high school i was actually wearing pink panties.

Written by sissy Jazmine Dolly"

Here's Jazmine Dolly's Tumblr blog, if you want to visit and say hello:


And in case you didn't know it, Jazmine is the one behind some of my new sissy themed graphics, like this: 

Hope you enjoyed the sissy story so far, part two will be posted soon! So remember to come back for it, you will want to learn know more about Jazmine and her sissy adventures!

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