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Religious humiliation and blasphemy

I have been training a new online slave, a christian guy who gets off on the idea of being humiliated for his religious beliefs and likes to wank off to his christian artefacts such as crucifixes, pics of jesus, even communion bread. I've been looking for such a slave for a long time, because I really love humiliating religious people and their ridiculous old relics. Nothing makes me laugh more than watching a loser wank into a bible or to push a crucifix into his asshole. The bible is nothing more than an old fairytale written by power hungry men...if I had one, I'd use it as toilet paper.

And it's not just christians that I find so hilarious. I don't discriminate, I think all religions are useless and their followers nothing but mindless drones. While this fetish might not be for everyone, I enjoy immensely, and so does my slave.

Here are some pictures that my religious slave has taken under my command. He has also performed on webcam for me....it was a thrill to watch him edge and then shoot his load on a communion bread....right before eating it and declaring Me as his only Savior!


Sissy story "Meeting Goddess V"

Here's another sissy story written by sissy Claire, enjoy!

Meeting Goddess V

"When he agreed to the arrangement, Josh had no idea what was going to happen. He had followed a friend of his to a club where he’d met a woman named Goddess V. They chattered whilst the music blazed and the lights blared. She had a stunning red hair, with tight lips but a sweet smile. Her body form was what he qualified as voluptuous. He thought she was stunning. The perfect physical form of a woman.

They found their way to a quiet corner of the club and she sat curled up in the corner seat. ‘You don’t look like the kind of guy that comes to these sorts of clubs a lot.’ The fetish bar had been his friend’s idea. Dan had dragged him into it at just past eleven at night, despite all of Josh’s arguments. This lady seemed lovely though. She made Josh feel comfortable and at ease. The gentle brushes of her hand on his leg and the flirtatious whispers turned him on to a new level. 

‘I’ve often looked at the fetish world, in porn and stuff, but I never tried it out.’ It was true. He’d often jerked it to a woman tying up another and fucking them until they were satisfied. It was hot sure, but he hadn’t even had normal sex, let alone the kinky stuff. ‘If I’m being honest, I’m a virgin, so kinky stuff isn’t likely to find me.’ 

She lent in close to his ear and whispered ‘Serve me. You’ll find it will satisfy all your fantasies.’ She leant back into her corner and looked at him. She was wearing a black and red corset with a black lace trim and a tight latex mini skirt. Beneath the skirt, a pair of close net leggings led down the legs to a pair of black thigh high leather boots with a red leather trim. The beautiful smile was laced with red lipstick and a light bit of gloss which made them irresistible. Her hair was just above her shoulders, a little wavy, but perfect. The eye mask was gorgeous as well. The black sequins around the edges flashed in synchronisation with the lights.

‘When can I start?’ Josh said smiling. He’d meant it as a joke but suddenly a leather boot was on his legs. He looked at her and she raised an eyebrow and pushed him to the floor with the heel of her boot resting on his chest.

‘Kiss it.’ Was all she said. He did. He had no idea why but he knelt at her feet and kissed the leather. ‘You don’t know it yet, but this is only the beginning. You’ll be begging for this privilege soon enough.’ He licked and kissed the boots until they shined. ‘That’s enough. Kneel and wait for an order.’ She sipped at her drink and enjoyed the music for a few moments, glancing at her new slave. The next few minutes would be key to making him fully submissive. 

She waited. And waited. Eventually, he looked down at the floor for less than a second and the moment he looked up, Goddess V’s legs were wrapping around his neck and pulling his face close to the meeting at her thighs. ‘You know what’s there. Now you know that you’ll never get it. You’re mine now. I own you now. Understood?’ He nodded. Josh thought this would be a one night thing and was willing to do anything to please this genuine Goddess. ‘Stay on your knees and follow me.’
She seductively walked over to the bath rooms and opened the door to the ladies. Josh hesitated as he noticed the sign. That earned him a swift kick to his testicles. Another dome behind him straddled him and yelled in his ear ‘Never disobey your superiors bitch!’ She stood and another kick sent Josh sprawling head first into the bathroom after Goddess V who was now laughing.

She went into a cubicle and shut the door behind her new slave. ‘I know what I said earlier suggested no sex, but you’re popping your cherry tonight my pet. Strip for me.’ He did as he was told and stood in front of V. She pulled something from a pocket in her skirt and rested it on the now rock solid (but still quite small) dick. ‘That is the thong I was wearing at the start of the evening. Put it on.’ He, again, obeyed. Goddess V stood and pulled a strip of black silk out of her other pocket and fashioned it into a blindfold and applied it to her toy. 

Naked and blindfolded, Josh felt exposed but horny. The hands of his owner bent him over and pushed his face into her lap, resting it on the latex. She knocked on the side of the cubicle twice and waited. A massive black cock appeared through a hole in the door. 

She fastened Josh to some restraints by the seat and two to his ankles to the base of the door. The last part of the initiation was almost complete. ‘Enjoy your first gift from your new Goddess my dear. They’ll be more if you behave.’ With that the cock edged its way towards the awaiting hole of the bound and blind slave."

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