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A must read for all subs!

This is the most important post I will ever make. Trust me. 

I want all of you sluts, subs, sissies, slaves, trans, pigs, cum rags, whatever your name might be and however you might categorise yourself, to READ this very important article written by the one and only, the Fabulous Dr. Sue.

Read it. Read all the comments. Make notes. Then read it again. And after that, when you have really studied this article, come to me and bow down.

Now go read, click on the link:

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Assplay video

One of my slaves submitted this short assplay video, but I told them to do it again. I'm not impressed by the quality, the blurred picture or the depth of his ass. Deeper, faggot, deeper!!


Slave becomes a sissy slut

Posting a few cute pics of my slave who became a nasty little sissy slut for his Superior Goddess! Do you like his pale pink outfit, cum rags? Wanna blow him? He might be interested, you know...

Wanna become a slut like him? Surrender yourself to me, contact me and tribute me. I'll make you my little puppet slut in a matter of seconds!


Loser wanks at work

This pathetic loser wastes everybody's time at work and jerks off his tiny manclit in the toilet. If only his boss knew what this waste of skin does!

Yes, I made him do it, but I doubt this is his first time wanking during office hours...or the last! What do you think?


New testimonial

This is a new testimonial from an online slave called Slave Dearm. I am very pleased to own such an obedient and remarkably talented slave.

"For many years I’ve craved and desired to be dominated, abused and humiliated. For most of those years I was too scared or too nervous to do anything about it. I then made contact with a few Dominants who could supply all the things I felt I needed, but I just never felt a connection or happy with them and so resigned myself to nothing.  A few weeks ago, after the very strong urge to be submissive revived itself in me, I found Goddess Veronica.
I contacted her, made my first tribute and now Goddess Veronica owns me and is my dominant, my Goddess.  After just speaking with her for a little while I felt a connection that I have never had with any others.  I quickly got to work on my tasks and sent off the proof and am happy to say Goddess Veronica was pleased with my work.
Goddess Veronica has tasked me with some very painful and humiliating things,  I have taken humiliating pictures of myself,  pulled myself up with rope by my testicles and crushed my tiny loser cock in a vice for her, and she has made me pay for the privilege and I couldn’t be happier with her. I feel a sense of pride when I send her gift cards, proof of my tasks and other things she may ask for.  
I have finally found the Mistress in Goddess Veronica that I felt I have needed for so long and bowing down and serving Goddess Veronica is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I am faithfully obedient to Goddess Veronica and hope I will be working for her for a long time to come."

Slave Dearm


Tiny dick losers

Saw this on Tumblr, and it was so delightfully hilarious that I absolutely had to reblog it and then save it to post it here, as well!

This is you, losers, you little faggots with your tiny man clits. This is you sissy sluts. You need fucking tweezers to wank that small excuse of a dick of yours, you worm.

Enjoy staring at it. It's what you do every day anyway, don't you? Loser.


Slave does CBT

Here are a few pics of one of my slaves doing CBT. Looks pretty painful when the tiny little clit is squeezed like that, don't you think?