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Story of online slave jaslavena

One of my long term online slaves, slave jaslavena, wrote a short story about his experiences during his latest slave training period, which started in May. I've known slave jaslavena for about 2 years now, and he has served me on and off many times. This is the first time he has honestly and sincerely committed to long term online slavery and is on contract. He has just started his chastity training, as well, as you can see in the photos posted below. Slave jaslavena is not English, and English isn't his first language, so bare with the mistakes and bad grammar. I hope you enjoy the story of a real, committed online slave!

Serving Goddess Veronica online - written by slave jaslavena

"I am slave jaslavena and have serviced Goddess Veronica one and half month now. Before that I submis to Goddess Veronica every now and then, but now somethink is different. My locked feelings are open and I can admit myself that I am a slave.

Goddess Veronica has made the situation so pure and straight that I have to serve Her. She has opened my feelings for a slavery with strigt attitude and comfort advicing.

Riight now I am in the chastity and locked a way. I don't konw how long time of period, but I am self confident that I can manage it. I am in the begin of the road of chastity, but first feelings right know is uncertanty. How long I have to stay in the chastity. I don't know only Goddess Veronica knows it.

I can handle uncertanty with strong believe to Goddess Veronica. She is strigt and sadictic minded, but soft and understanding in the same time. All in the same packace. If she is too strigt she has not gave me a permission to reliease me during mid night summer fest, but she did it.

I have committed to serve Goddess Veronica. My life has changed many ways when I meet Goddess Veronica and give myself permmision to open the locks. Those locks were in tight, but I feel like I get it open.

She has partly change my values and matters I believe. Past few months she gave me feeling of commitment. Earlier I have never committed to anybody so strongly. That give my the purpose of life and passion.

In the future I hope that Goddess Veronica can educate my to be better slave and people. That I get more passion to my life and I am able to made surtain changes in my life like weight loss.

This was a small story about slaves locked feeling and life. When you are not getting any attiontion from woman you just have to serve Goddess Veronica. That is a fact."


Slave begs for mercy

Meet my euro trash pindick piggy slut. He's been a bad, bad boy and is now begging for mercy. I love how his voice breaks down at the end and he's close to tears...that's devotion and sincerity.