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How to treat your Domme

This picture and examples of how to treat your Domme has been circling around on Tumblr for years now. I don't know where it originated from or who made it, but it's such a great picture with very important rules that I've decided to put it here on my blog. Read carefully, let the information sink in and read again. Repeat those things in your head over and over again until you can remember them word by word.

This is how to treat a Superior Female, Domme, Goddess, Mistress:


Sissy wants to be a star - Humiliation video

This pathetic piggy wants to be a star and has made yet another embarrassing music video for all the world to see. I'd say "enjoy", but it's likely you won't.


Testimonial from slave jaslavena

Here's a new testimonial from a long term servant of mine, slave jaslavena. His English isn't the best, but I'm sure you get the picture. If you're interested in serving, email: goddessxveronica@gmail.com or fill out the application form. 

Testimonial for Goddess Veronica

I have been the slave of Goddess Veronica since year 2012. It was early 2012 I met online Goddess Veronica that alfa Female. There really has been upp hils and down hils mostly because of slave loyalty for roalty gueen goddess Veronica. This has been journey to slavery

When I start first time a slave for Goddess Veronica I was a virgin. A miniature virgin dick slave. After few month of slavery Goddess Veronica send me to meet woman who promise to take slave virgity, but slave try and try, could not du it. Slave cum after two seconds. It was really ridiculious and that was not the end. Woman call to the man who was real bull and slave was a cuckold. What a earth queking experience.

Me and Goddess Veronica continue the training and after two months of more training Goddess Veronica send me to another woman. We have two hours time and woman took my virginity. With miniature dick with no fingers in the right hand I found my way to plaese woman with the amputate hand. Thats all because of Goddess Veronica.

That alfa woman Goddess Veronica has gave me so much mental strenght and no I now place. I am a slave and really know it. Slave has been really on/off slave and I am deeply sorry for that maner. All reasons I can recommend Goddess Veronica for all. She is really sadistic Dom. For me he has been my life changer.

slave jaslavena