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Testimonial from slave jaslavena

I have been slave for Goddess Veronica almost a year and most of this time in chastity belt. How does this think changed slave. That change is hugh. Before the slaving I jerk off very much almost dayly. Now there has been two or three mouths breaks between the cumming. I really don’t know how I can describe that change. I am almost speechless. Many times during the slaving chastity has break my to the tears, but when I get the orgasm the feeling is even more incrediple.

Yes I have to admit slave has sexual feelings, but in some point I found the harmony. I can put my feelings besides better. If I think about thinks one year behind there has been lots of changes. Living, work almost everythink. There is certain fact there is a thinks I can not have. So after that my needs are lower. I am not so hedonistic anymore.

This have been a hard year, but all have been worth for it. I can be long times without jerk off. My nerves are now better. That feeling where you have possible to have candy, but you can not take it. The feeling break you first, but when you get it, it so sweet. I have learned also that only think you say is yes. Yes goddess, yes boss, yes mother. That is only think I can say. Other hand it is easy, but when you give you also get somethink.

Yes it is sometimes difficult when you have chastity. for example situation on the street summertimes. There is very sexy ladies on the street, but if you think about those ladyes you get boner and inside the chastity is really painfull. So I don’t won’t to be in those situations anymore. I won’t watch girls in that eye anymore. That is a cler change.

Lots of thinks has change. I don’t jerk off anymore. I am not so hedonistic anymore. I don’t watch girls anymore so much. After all I am more submissive nowadays. Yes Goddess I am.