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Behold! The Human Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

I'm a little late, sure...but frankly I've been enjoying the Holidays without you wankers. Hope you had a miserable Christmas and didn't get anything, because you're a broke fat loser.

Remember, it's not too late to send Amazon Gift Cards as Christmas presents to:


See you pindicks next year!


Ass training whilst in chastity

Here's a video of slave James doing ass training whilst wearing his chastity device. Enjoy the view...I certainly did ;-)

To serve like slave James does, email: goddessxveronica@gmail.com NOW!


Meet slave Homer Sexual!

Meet one of My servants: slave Homer Sexual. I think he kinda looks like Homer Simpson and also has the same body figure as Homer, so I've named him Homer Sexual...although he denies being gay, but I'm sure he'd suck a big cock if he ever saw one. His certainly isn't qualified, it's microscopic, as you can clearly see in this video. Love his movements, too, he's so awkward and has no clue on how to dance, LMFAO! Have fun watching this pindick maggot humiliate himself for his Superior Goddess, ME!