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Sissy story "The making of Claire"

My sissy slut Claire is a talented writer and wants to share his erotic sissy stories with you! Enjoy!

"The making of Claire" written by Sissy Claire 
"He did the same thing after school every Friday. He would go into the local shopping centre and had a cup of coffee. He took it black because he thought it made him look more masculine but his small wiry structure stopped that illusion. There was a seated area underneath a large glass roof in the centre of the mall and that was where he sat, reading ‘The Shining’.

Next to the coffee shop were a DVD shop on the left and a fancy dress shop on the right. The other side of the mall was an expensive jewellers, a clothes shop and a lingerie shop. As he read, he occasionally glanced up seeing some of the girls from school try on sexy outfits in the fancy dress shop. They’d come out in anything from a maid uniform to a nun costume. He longed to look as beautiful as they did but at the same time wanted to be with one. It was just a fantasy though. He went back to his coffee and book.

He sat for about an hour, still occasionally glancing up and then all of a sudden, the two hottest girls in school were sat in front of him. Hayley was just under 5”10’ with long brown wavy hair. She always wore vibrant red lipstick which showed of the natural pucker of her lips. The other was named Jo. She had bleached blonde straight her, cut into a flared bob. They both wore the uniform that was customary at the private school they all went to. They were in their last year and all 18.

“Hey there Clark! How are you?” Hayley asked, laying a hand on his as he put his book down.

Clark was shocked. He was never good at speaking to girls let alone the most beautiful girls in school.

“I…I’ f-f-fine thanks, yourselves?” He stuttered in response.

“You’re always so polite! We love that right Hayley?” Jo asked as Hayley nodded. Jo’s foot found Clarks ankle. She was wearing a pair of patent black 3 inch heels. The heel rested lightly on his big toe whilst her toes gently caressed his ankle. He thought he was in heaven but then Hayley’s hand started running up his arm and then down his side. NOW he was in heaven. “We’re good, we were wondering if you would help us with a school project! Mr Ginan has set us a psychology project to work on for this half term. We can do it on any aspect of sexual development so we’re doing ours on the evolution of sexual preferences. A guy like you must have had a lot of experience in their time!”

Clark could feel the blush emanating from his cheeks as he bowed his head. He was a virgin. The only action his 3 inch cock had ever seen was from his right hand. He’d fantasised more times than he could count about these two. “I’d Love to help out with your project. How can I be of service?”

“Manners and obedience! Where have you been all my life? You’ll be perfect for the project! We’re meeting in room A1D tonight at about 6:30 if you’re available!” Jo chirped happily.

Clark nodded, still blushing and sipped at his coffee as he watched the two girls walk away, hips swaying sexily. After a moment’s recovery, he shook his head, gulped down his coffee and ran back to the dorms. The boy’s dormitory was on the west side of the school and the girls were on the east. As he got changed he started wondering what they would ask him to do. Almost all the guys in his year had been with a girl but he hadn’t even kissed one. This would be a whole new experience for him. He didn’t know how new though.

He took off his uniform, put on a clean shirt and blue jeans, picked up is jacket and headed towards the selected room. It was just outside the Girls dormitory so he had a longer walk than Hayley and Jo would. When he got there it was 6:25 but the girls were already inside so he knocked and they beckoned him inside.

“Hey sweetie!” Hayley cooed as he timidly entered the room. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the centre of the room. They were both still in there school uniform. It was a blue and white stripped blouse which they both had unbuttoned a little lower than was normal. There was a charcoal grey pleated skirt that was about 2 inches above the knee. Normally the girls had to where black tights when in school but in the final two years they were allowed to wear stocking socks which is what these two Goddesses were wearing. They looked beautiful. “You need to take your shoes and socks off! There’s no need to be formal!”

He did as was asked of him and placed them by the door. “So what is it that you need me to do?” Clark asked as the girls hugged him, lingering afterwards to stoke his arms.

“Well to start with you can close your eyes for a moment.” He did as he was told. “We wanted to see if you could force a fetish onto a young man. Like you.” With that Jo grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into a very deep and long kiss. Behind him, Hayley had a blindfold at the ready. It was black silk with a black fluff trim. Whilst Clark was distracted by the tongue being forced into his mouth, she slid it over his head and started to run her hands down his back to squeeze is pert ass. If he was a girl it would have been his best feature.

The kiss ended and he was left speechless and in darkness. “That blindfold will remain on until we take it off is that understood?” asked Hayley in her most stern voice. “Don’t speak. Just nod or shake your head.” Clark nodded. “We’re going to strip you down to nothing and then dress you ourselves.” Before he could protest, Jo had a pair of scissors and cut his shirt from top to bottom and as soon as she was finished Hayley pulled it off from the front. What Clark didn’t know was that they had practiced this beforehand. Next, they wrenched down his jeans and boxers in one swift motion.

Clark was now completely naked except for the blindfold. “Now if you do everything we say, you’ll walk out of here fully clothed, understood?” He nodded. “Good. We’re going to put some clothes on you now, because we’re just that nice. So hold still.” Jo ordered.

He could feel something running up his legs that felt like y-fronts but…smoother than normal. Like silk. Next came a shirt of sorts, it buttoned at the front. They put some socks on him that felt like the kind he wore if he went jogging because they hugged the top of his ankle. The final item placed upon him he knew had to be a skirt as he could feel nothing between his legs.

“There we go! That wasn’t so hard now was it?” He could hear Jo’s voice next to his ear. “Now you’ve been such a good subject, I think we should reward you!” She leaned in and nibbled his ear lobe.

He felt a hand run from the bottom of his thigh right up to cup his balls and rub his cock through whatever was encasing it. It felt good he had to admit. Between the feeling his neck was getting from the deep breath of Jo and the magic Hayley’s hands were doing, he was amazed he hadn’t cum yet.

“I think he’s getting close Jo!” called Hayley. She pulled the skirt up and pulled out his cock which was now just over 4 inches long and carried on working it harder and faster than ever. He felt pulse after pulse of orgasm as Hayley caught all of his juices in her hand. Jo stopped biting and gently ran her hands around his waist, resting her chin on his shoulder. His panting grew slower as he recovered. He’d never felt so good before.

“There’s only one thing left to do, and if you want to be clothed when you walk out this door you better do it bitch.” Jo said, pinching a nipple under the shirt, VERY hard. He opened his mouth to scream but didn’t manage to as Hayley brought up her hand and wiped cum all over his face but mostly in his mouth.

She left her hand there telling him that he had to swallow every last drop of it. Despite the bitter taste, he did as commanded and the hand was released. “Good boy. That wasn’t so bad now was it?” She lifted the blind fold and he was now stood in front of a mirror, wearing the girl’s school uniform with little white socks to match and bright pink silk knickers. He could see strands of cream on his face.

“You’re one of the girls now. You’re dressed like a slut and you’ve eaten your own cum. Oh, and the camera in the corner will make you famous in school if you stop doing what we say.” He turned to see a camera from the media department in the corner of the room pointing straight at him.

When he looked back at the girls, Hayley was rummaging through a hold-all and Jo was sat with her legs crossed on a table gently swinging her loosened heel back and forth. He stood fixated on the gentle sway as his cock hardened again causing a rise in his school skirt. “I think we found a fetish we can exploit here Hayley!” He snapped back into reality and started blushing. “Do you like shoes bitch?” He blushed more. She beckoned him forwards seductively but put up a long gorgeous leg and stopped him about 3 feet from her. “If you want to be so close, you will crawl.”

Clark got down on his hands and knees feeling the skirt riding up making him feel very exposed. He slowly crawled towards the shiny shoes that seemed so beautiful all of a sudden. He was now close enough to smell the material. “Lick the sole. NOW!” He obliged by licking at the bottom of the shoe. Hayley had found what she was looking for and now looked on as Clark submitted. “Good little bitch. Now the heel, gently suck on it.” He wrapped his lips around the bottom of it and gently slid it in and out of his mouth. The girls watched and laughed as he really started going at it, like his life dependent on it. Which it kind of did.

Hayley interrupted after a few minutes by straddling Clark and pulling his head back by his hair. “Now this was just an introduction. We’ve got so many more plans for a slut like you! So stand up and stay still!” As he did this Hayley returned to what she had retrieved from the bag. It was a long auburn wig that would reach the top of the lower back. She placed it on his head and then tied it back in a ponytail.

“Sit.” She pulled out a chair and he sat. There was a case on the table and it opened into a portable make-up station. She started with some foundation and then spent about twenty minutes on her eyes. Everything had to be pink. She thought as it was the first time this sissy would be here, it should be in style. Then eyebrows got plucked and thinned and then a little bit of blusher on the cheeks. He was starting to look more like a she!

The lips were the last thing that was focused on. She applied a generous amount of pink lipstick followed by some lip gloss. His face was already so feminine that as soon as the foundation was applied, he could have passed for a girl. “There we go! But we can’t go around calling a pretty thing like you Clark now can we! How about…Claire? Yes! Our little sissy Claire!” The girls beamed at each other and giggled.

Jo spoke up at this point “Do you know what a sissy is?” Claire shook her head, the pony tail swinging behind her head. “I bet you do. You’ve never been with a woman, so you clearly wanted to become one! We’ve seen you staring at us trying on sexy outfits. You weren’t turned on by us, only the costumes! Well don’t you worry because you’re going to be trying more outfits on than you could possibly imagine!” An evil grin crossed her face as she admired their handy work. “Anyway, a sissy is something used for a woman’s amusement. You do what we say when we say it because we own your sissy ass now.”

Hayley came up behind Claire and put the blindfold back on. “Now stay sat down whilst we prepare for the next event.”

It was getting to about 8:00 now but it was the first day of half term so almost all the students had gone home for the week. In fact, Hayley and Jo were the only girls left there and there were two other boys but they were in town for the night. The school was theirs.

The blindfold remained on but Claire could feel hands pulling her up to her feet and pushing her over a table. “Open wide sissy!” She heard before something was shoved remorselessly into her mouth. She’d seen these in lesbian porn videos. It was a strap-on dildo. She was being forced to suck a cock by Hayley. “Oh she’s a natural born cock-sucker! We don’t really need to train her too much! Do you want to know a secret about fucking someone with a strap-on Claire?” A mumbled noise came out. “I thought so! If you do it hard enough it can make me feel horny too! Would you like that sissy?” another mumbled noise. Hayley quickened her pace.

There was a sound like a bottle being squeezed empty and then the pink silky knickers were pulled down to her ankles. Two hands flipped the skirt up and gently caressed the sissy’s ass. Her nails gently ran down the cheeks and then back up. The sound came back and something dripped onto the top of his sissy crack and as it ran down it felt cool as it hit the hole. Suddenly there was something at her opening that was starting to push in further and further until he could feel the rubber balls against his. Jo was behind her and built up speed until she was pounding the sissy hole as hard and past as the sissy mouth.

“These are real sized cocks sissy. These are the sort that we like and have whenever we want. Your little cock doesn’t do anything for anyone!” They both kept pounding very hard and there were tears forming in the young sissy’s eyes. The blindfold was taken off and she could now see the 7 inches of pink rubber being thrust into her mouth. Her beautifully made up eyes stared up at the Goddess who was running one hand through her own hair and the other forcing Claire to take it deeper.

“You look sad sissy! You should learn to enjoy this; it won’t be the last time. I can promise you that!” Hayley told her. She picked up her chin. There was an almost sincere smile on it. It seemed strange but at this Claire started to try and get into it. There wasn’t just the cock going in her ass now, there was her ass going onto the cock. She was humping it like a slut and she not only sucked the one at her face, she worked it with her hand and groaned as the two Goddesses got excited to causing a much more intense feeling. They were all in ecstasy after a while but it was getting late and even though only the caretaker was left, a light on at this time would cause questions.

The strap-on’s were removed much to the disappointment of Claire who had just started to really like it. Jo turned to her as she arranged the panties and skirt back into position “You’ll be staying with us this week sissy. You’ll be our personal slave.” She put the strap-on under her own skirt and admired the bulge of the real sized cock. “On your knees now. Follow us.”

Claire got on her hands and knees whilst the other two picked up the camera and collected their belongings. They walked out and Hayley said “You did everything we said, so you’re walking out of here with clothes on.” They both giggled and strutted down the hall to the girl’s dorm.

Luckily the caretaker was in his room on the opposite side of the school so he didn’t see this very unusual sight: the two most beautiful girls in school with a, now very feminine and almost cute, sissy following on her hands and knees.

They reached their room and told the sissy to wait by the door until they were ready for her. When they told her to come into the lounge, the camera was hooked up to the TV and the two girls were stood in nothing but bright red lingerie. Claire’s sissy stick got hard again at the sight. On the wall was a wooden X with links on each side that had cuffs hanging from them. The cuffs were faux black leather with red fur lining that matched the bra and pantie sets they had on.

“Stand by that cross and cuff your ankles on the lower points.” Jo ordered. Claire crawled over and stood to lock the ankle restraints around her with the small padlocks on each one, her ponytail swaying as she did. “Good, now stay still whilst we lock your hands in place.”

They each took one of Claire’s wrists and locked it up like her ankles. They stood back and Hayley sighed “Something is missing…I’ve got it!” She wandered off to a drawer and came back with a ball gag. Claire went to squirm but Jo held her in place whilst Hayley fastened it behind her head, under the base of the ponytail.

They stepped back again but Jo came back and let the red locks of hair flow down past Claire’s shoulders. “I think that should do nicely! “ Jo beamed. “Now we’re going to look over the footage that we captured and see what it’s like! So if we like it, and it helps us reach climax, then maybe you’ll be allowed to cum again today! Aren’t we kind Claire?!” The bound and gagged sissy nodded her head, feeling the hair fall onto her back causing a ripple of pleasure.

They sat on the couch and hit play on the video. To start with were the introduction and the initial blind folding which didn’t get a reaction out of the girls. But when they started playing with the little cock, the girls started to place fingers over the lace knickers and gently start rubbing.

By the time Claire was eating her own cum, they were pushing and rubbing harder and quiet moans escaped their lips. At this point Claire’s tiny clit was fully erect. The mixture of seeing herself doing these taboo things was crazy enough, but seeing too women masturbate to it was unreal! She tried to squirm out but she was locked up tight.

When he was sucking on a heel Jo and Hayley slowed down a bit but were still very turned on. Then when the make-up start and they reduced the speed and pressure on their pussies greatly for a moment but after seeing the finished product they sped up again and the occasional moan could be heard.

The moment where the pink cock met her bright pink lips made Claire go crazy. Maybe this was what Clark was meant for. His Sissy clit certainly thought so as it struggled to even push the skirt out because of its small nature. This feeling was the best she had ever had.

As the strap-on fucking commenced, the girls rubbed harder and faster and more moans and orgasmic groans could be heard.I’d make such a good slutty porn star. Thought Claire. Wait. Where did that thought come from?!

Jo took a hand and pulled out one of her perfect breasts and started rubbing and gently pinching at the nipple whilst still rubbing underneath her lace. She closed her eyes and just listened to the sound of Claire starting to enjoy the endless humiliation and pleasure.

As the end of the video was drawing near, both girls reached orgasm at almost the same time and shuddered as wave after wave of heaven filled their bodies. They collapsed next to each other and embraced in a long kiss. Hayley pushed her tongue inside Jo’s mouth and they stayed there whilst the sissy looked on in jealously.

“Do you think we should let him cum and…” A knock at the door. “Oh of course! I nearly forgot!” Jo jumped up and ran to the door. They could hear a man’s voice and Jo giggling like a little school girl. “They’re just in here.” She led him into the lounge. Hayley jumped up to and ran to kiss the man. Claire couldn’t quite see who it was yet as he was still in the doorway but Jo walked over to whisper in her ear “You do this for us, and we’ll fill your sissy mouth with cum like earlier OK?” Claire nodded and the blindfold from earlier was placed back on.

The wrist anklets were removed and Claire was forced onto her knees. The girls had been kind enough to place a pink velvet cushion for her knees to rest on though. A zip was undone and she could feel the presence of someone in front of her. A smell hit her that was familiar in some way but she couldn’t place it.

Hayley started speaking. She was behind Claire and crouched at her level. “You’re going to do what we practiced earlier Claire! This is Sam, my old boyfriend. We’re on good terms and I promised him a fun time tonight and you’re going to give it to him!”

The ball-gag was removed but before Claire had time to close her mouth; a hard cock was in her mouth. Not like her little thing, this was a real man’s cock. It was a little wet from some pre-cum that had emerged but mostly the skin was dry. Claire sucked on the cock like she had with the dildo and kept trying to take it deeper.

“Oh, we have trained a slut Hayley! Look at her sucking on that big dick!” Jo was wrapping her arms around Sam kissing his neck and mouth. Hayley had moved behind Claire and was running both hands up the school blouse and gently playing with the nipples and nibbling at her neck.

“We have! She loves it! How does is cock taste bitch? Do you like it?” Claire nodded frantically. She loved it. She never thought she would admit it but she was. It felt like she belonged here, pleasing a real man with her sissy mouth for the entertainment of two gorgeous titans. She sucked and licked and worked the head with her hands. She spat on the cock and used it to lube it up so that she could enjoy the feeling for longer.

There was more and more pre-cum entering her mouth and covering her lips. The taste was glorious. It was so much better than her own and she savoured every speck of the delicious cream. Hayley reached out of the blouse and under the skirt. Using her thumb and forefinger she worked the 4 inch erect sissy clit until she was close and then stopped and slapped it extremely hard. It lost about half its size as it shrunk from the pain.

Claire kept sucking because she was enjoying it so much but that didn’t stop her being very aware of the pain her clit was in and the strange ring being clipped around her tiny balls. Suddenly a similar plastic ring was being slid over her own stick and it felt very nice until the tip hit the end of a plastic cylinder. The click of a padlock was heard by her clit but when she tried to look down to see what was going on Hayley pushed her head forwards so that she gagged on the big cock. “You will not look at your final gift until he cums! Make him do it!”

With such forceful orders, she couldn’t resist. Claire but both hands on the hips of the man in front of her and started sucking as fast as she could. In and out, just like the dildos and the heel. The more pre-cum that came out the hornier the little girl got and she wanted more and more and more!

Sam groaned and wrapped his hands around the head of the sissy and started pounding her mouth as he got closer. Seconds later he pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed the biggest load of cum Claire had ever seen all over her face. Some got in her mouth but she knelt there stunned at the gorgeous taste in her mouth.

Before she could react, Hayley and Jo and grabbed her wrists and secured her back on the big X. Hayley took Sam into the bedroom and returned a few minutes later. “Good girl! You can stay here for a few minutes with that cum all over your little sissy face whilst we go in there and get fucked by a big strong man!” She stepped back in the bedroom.

“Oh and that little thing you felt on your stick is a chastity device. We own your little cock now Claire. You’re ours.” She flashed a little key that she clipped onto a charm bracelet and skipped into the bedroom after Hayley.

After about an hour of very loud and very hot sex, Jo came out with a shine of sweat on her perfect body. Giggled at the sissy still bound with the cum trickling down her face like a real cheap slut and said “This is your life now. Sucking cocks so that we don’t have to.” She got a bottle of wine from the kitchen and returned to Hayley and Sam."


  1. Oh Goddess! Thank you so much for posting this! It's such an honor to serve you!

  2. This is such a delightful story. I would love to be in a situation like Claire in this story as it is such a delight to be a submissive prissy pantywaist. I can't wait to hear of some actual stories with Claire as a prissy little fairy.
    sissy kisses,
    sissy gina