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Birthday update!

I'm having an amazing birthday weekend! Tributes are flowing and so is the vodka, LOL! Had a huge party with lots of friends last night and I'm definitely feeling it a bit today...maybe a few too many shots! Today I'm going to relax and enjoy life while my servants worship and pamper me. And of course I'm accepting more gifts, worship pics and tributes from all of you!

You can tribute me on Niteflirt or simply by sending an Amazon Gift Card. If you wish to send me an online birthday card or maybe even a worship photo of yourself with a sign, you can do so by emailing me to:

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Here's one the worship pictures I've received from my loyal servants for my very special 35th birthday! I'll be waiting for yours!


Call Me on My Birthday!

My NITEFLIRT is open now,
taking BIRTHDAY CALLS on My 35th Birthday!

Come talk and sing to Me! 

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Come say hello to the Birthday Goddess!


My Birthday on August 30th!

Readers, followers, sluts and slaves, it's your Superior Goddess' 35th Birthday on Friday, August the 30th! I expect to be spoiled, pampered and worshipped all week long and obviously I expect that to be DOUBLED on Friday!

I have a great party events planned for the weekend and a few photo shoots, too...and if my minions keep me satisfied and smiling, I will share some high quality goodies with you all here on my blog, too. I might even do a couple video greetings, who knows, maybe I'll even take Niteflirt calls from you lot....it all depends on how inspired I'll be this coming weekend.

And how inspired I will is totally up to you, my minions, my lovely devoted little cum sluts. There are many anonymous, perfectly safe ways to spoil your Superior Goddess on her very special day! You know, it is only once a girl turns 35!! So it's a very special, once in a life time type of thing...and you could be a part of it.

There are many ways to satisfy me, to make me smile, to make me feel like you want me to keep doing this blog, to keep posting my pictures, my videos, and my wicked thoughts. And since you're all such loser pindicks, the only way you can ever satisfy such a Goddess is by tributing to her like all good slaves do.

You can tribute by sending an Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com Email Gift Card to my email address goddessxveronica@gmail.com

or you can just click on my Niteflirt buttons and tribute me on Niteflirt, there are lots of options there!

Both Amazon and Niteflirt are international, safe, virus free and 100% anonymous. Your identity is safe and a secret between you and the vendor, I will never find out. Of course, if you want to be acknowledged as the tributer, drop me a line at my Gmail and tell me! Good little puppets might get some extra treats from their Superior Goddess!

Now you have a choice to make. Is it going to be Amazon or Niteflirt? Click on the links below to show me how much you love me.




All Amazon Gift Cards can be emailed to:


Be sure to mention your nickname or slave ID so I know which one of my many followers has been kind enough to spoil and pamper me on my special day! I've made it easy for you, now it's your turn to put a smile on my face on my 35th birthday on Friday, August the 30th!


I'm on Niteflirt now!

I've been working very hard in the past few days to get my extensive Niteflirt account up and running, and now I can finally say....IT'S HERE!!

From now on Niteflirt will be the main source for My photos, videos, letters, tasks, fantasies...you name it! I will still continue to add some freebies here for you to enjoy, of course, and My servants will be paraded and ridiculed here just like they always have been, but Me...if you want ME, you have to go to  My wonderful new profile on Niteflirt!

I have already set up a couple of phone lines and started on the foot fetish photo packages! And you can always tribute Me through Niteflirt, too, it's very easy and I've even created the buttons for you.

If you are interested in chatting with Me personally on Yahoo Messenger, Skype or Kik, you can buy My ID's at Niteflirt, too. There are so many ways you can interact and worship me there!

Lots of new photoshoots are coming up in the near future and I will be adding tons of sissy and slave training material to NF, too. You'd be a fool not to join, it's all international and there is no excuse for not coming to see what I have to offer you. But beware: I am highly addictive...

Click on the links below or the pictures to go to My amazing new profile on Niteflirt. And get used to seeing these graphics on My blog from now on, because that's where a lot of My goodies will now be!

Click on the pictures or the links below, 
copy paste if necessary!



So just join and start Worshipping your Superior Goddess NOW!

Serve your Superior Goddess Veronica

Interested in serving me online?

Contact me by EMAIL:


It's really THAT simple. Just do it. Tell me about yourself and what you have to offer to a Superior Goddess like me. Keep in mind that I always require tributes from ALL my servants. You're no exception. Now be a good little slave and email me!!


Pathetic swine can't get it up

This little piggy is hard at work trying to get his little manclit to harden up, but to no avail! The swine was told to edge on video, but how do you edge if you can't even get it up? No wonder this fatty pig is still a virgin at 40. Piggy needs to realise it's never going to get laid and it's never going to satisfy any Woman with that little flaccid flap between it's sweaty legs.

Enjoy watching the swine vigorously wank it's nonexistent hard on!


CBT pictures

How about some painful CBT for Hump Day? Enjoy watching these pics where a slave tortures himself under my supervision. Pain and suffering, that's all you're good for, you wank obsessed weasels!

Clothes pins are an essential part of my training, they are so versatile and you can put them basically anywhere on a slave's body. This slave has a Prince Albert, too, so he attached a clothes pin to it, too!

Remember, if you click on the pics, you can view them as a slideshow!

And if you're interested in becoming my little mind fuck toy, email me to:



Fat slob exposed

Look at this fat slob! First he dances around in lingerie that he stole from his sister, then he goes into the woods, gets butt naked, smears some berries on his fatty stomach and shows his pindick to the whole world. Yuck. This waste of space loser makes me sick to my stomach. The only good thing about this swine is that he has realised he'll never be able to satisfy a Woman, the only way he can even talk to a Woman is to pay them to listen to his mindless drivel. Oink oink, piggy!

He craves humiliation, wants to be exposed and thinks no one can recognise him from these pics. Oh please, wanker, how many fat mini dick piggies with a missing hand do you know? These pics are disgusting, but he deserves to be exposed just like the pathetic attention whore he is.


Loser with a miniature dick

So it's Sunday evening and I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what's been going on in my Empire lately. It sure has been an interesting and eventful summer, let me tell you that!

You all know that I've been an online Domme for a few years now, and in the lifestyle for much longer, and I've come to know this one little fucker from another country who claims to be a virgin at 33, is missing one hand and has the tiniest manclit I've seen in my entire life. The guy has served me on and off for almost two years now. He's one of those drive by sluts, as I call them, he comes and begs to serve, then tributes me royally (and boy, has he been tributing!!!), does a task or two, then disappears for weeks, even months. And then the pathetic creature crawls back again with a stack of cash in his mouth ready for me to take.

A few days ago I got an email from him: "Will you train me if I give you 1000 euros?" and of course I said yes, I don't care what the currency is, I will still take it. And I knew I'd love to torment his shrimpy little dick. He sent the tribute which wasn't even the biggest he has sent, and then a couple of pics of himself...and I swear when I looked at this picture of him, I had to zoom in to actually see the little flap between his legs!! See for yourself, but get a magnifying glass first!

It's invisible, I swear! LOL

Well, this time this bitch says he's committed and ready to serve and spoil me like I deserved to be spoiled, and he did even send me another tribute last night on Amazon to prove he's serious. But I still don't believe him. If he's still serving me after 6 months, THEN I will believe him. But right now...I don't trust a word that comes out of his cock sucking mouth.

This little perverted maggot still has a lot to learn about true submission and financial servitude, and I intend to teach him all I know. It's going to be painful, and yes, very expensive, but in the end it's the only way he can ever come anywhere near satisfying a woman. Goddess knows he's never going to satisfy anyone with that limp miniature dick of his!

Humiliation music video

I'm posting another humiliation video, and yes, I know it's getting redundant, but my slave loves doing these and I absolutely love watching them! They are so funny! I picked the music and his outfit and told him what to do, the rest was up to him. He's dressed as a woman, has water balloons in his bra and "WANKER" written across his round belly. Enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments!


Humiliation video

This is my pathetic little piggy dancing in his ugly lingerie. Not much else to say about this hilarious humiliation video, just sit back and enjoy!


Sissy slut's graphic services

I own a sissy slut Jazmine Dolly who's very talented in graphics and a Tumblr addict, she's been making new banners and gifs for me lately. Here you can see one of the banners she has made for me:

Go follow Jazmine Dolly's sissy Tumblr blog here:

And you can find my kinky Tumblr blog here:


Pathetic slave deep throats a dildo

This disgusting little fucker is slave tim, and he's sucking a dildo and deep throating it. Hear him gag on it! I bet he's dreaming of a real cock to suck...just like you are, reader.


Testimonial from Sissy Candy

Got another testimonial from an obedient servant, this one is written by Sissy Candy. I'm sure you all know Sissy Candy by now, don' t you? You've seen the pictures and the videos, Candy is one pathetic cock sucker!

Here's Sissy Candy's testimonial:

"For years I have been desperate to become a slave to a superior Female, to have them control and rule my life in its entirety. Being a straight man I was prepared to have my life completely changed forever even if it meant I was never allowed to enjoy straight sex again and only then be allowed to suck and take real cock. This was a tiny fantasy that I thought would never happen and would remain locked inside my head, little did I know that one day I would find someone who would draw out every last fantasy and detail and use it to control and abuse me.

That day came when i logged into twitter as a sub male looking for a Domme to start of a relationship of me being used, abused and humiliated but not too heavy as I wasn’t sure if it was just a fantasy.

I found many Mistresses, Dommes and Goddesses but one stood out, Goddess Veronica. I contacted her and was delighted when I got a response. She looked amazing and her tweets were really bringing me in, stating that she was looking for an online slave to do anything she asked, humiliation to the most deprived and demeaning level. I thought this would be a doddle, as I’m online she can’t make me doing anything I don’t want to. Plus I am married so that would mean She would be lenient, I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

It did start light I had to give some information and limits, but before I knew I was giving over all sorts of information about myself and my fantasies. Goddess Veronica delved deep inside my head and pulled all of my fantasies out.

After an initial tribute, which is standard with any Superior Lady, I was given my first tasks of providing pictures of myself for Her amusement. It didn’t seem long before I was completely mesmerised and willing to carry out any task Goddess Veronica demanded.

A few years ago when I was looking before, not being able to find a Domme who knew straight away what I needed without encouragement from me I decided to try broadening my search to include Masters under the self-deluded guise that I was under the orders of a Domina. There were a few that took me on for use and one time goes, while being tied and on my knees taking cock I kept in my mind that I was under strict orders to amuse my Domina.

I needed more so I looked harder to find a Domina and plead to take me on.

Goddess Veronica knew this about me as she gained all the information near enough straight away, from this decided I was to become a sissy, and quickly named me sissy candy. The name I now wear with pride in honour of my Goddess. Know I am married she immediately put a stop to me having any more sexual relations with my wife and ceased my right to masturbate. My cock not being worthy to please a Woman and me being such a lowlife that I didn’t deserve the pleasure of orgasm any more. Just saying this excites me, but I will not touch my pathetic little cock again until I am allowed and then it is only for torture to amuse my Goddess.

Goddess Veronica has now started me on my journey of sissyfication, I am only allowed to talk to men and fellow sissys for advice. Goddess Veronica is adamant that I will be sucking and taking cock for the rest of my life. I am constantly reminded that I am a lowlife and pathetic belonging only with the insects that live on this earth. This sounds harsh but its true, there is nothing iwouldn’t do to amuse and humiliate myself for my Goddess.

Already I have performed videos for everyone to watch and laugh at, including my ass to mouth video where I got a lot more than I bargained for taking a big black dildo and fucking my pussy arse as hard as I could then taking it in my mouth, yes covered. I put it straight into my mouth and thought of Goddess laughing at me and how it was worth it for the small amount of attention I’d get from it. I have now found myself willing to do it all over again just so she can watch me be a repulsive little cum slut.

Goddess Veronica wishes for me to do live broadcasts to large audiences online, under her direction and I’m sure with ideas from the audience to abuse myself and humiliate myself further. I now keep my top half of my body fully shaved, just another step into sissydom. I am so grateful Goddess Veronica has taken me on with her in my life I’d still be a lost soul now I have direction whichever way She decides to take me, one thing is for sure I will never be the same man again.

Sissy Candy"


Sissy does ass to mouth

Nasty freak Sissy Candy is doing his ass training, and to impress me, decided to do ass to mouth....and he got a little more than he signed up for!