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CBT in the garage

I have a filthy slut slave who likes to perv around in his garage while his wife (which I suspect is an inflatable one) is away. He likes to play with different toys and tools...these are pics of him doing CBT for his Superior Goddess. I love to see needle dicks suffer in pain, cock and ball torture is one of my favourites!


Humiliation music video

Peculiar music video made by slave briana, a humiliation junkie loser who craves to be exposed and ridiculed on the internet. Not sure what to make of this, he clearly doesn't know how to dance, the apron is tacky and I hate middle aged wankers with thin long hair. At least he's wearing a mask, so we don't have to look at his ugly maggot face. 

Comment on this post if you think slave briana should cut off his hideous ponytail! 


Meet slave briana

My kinky email slave briana shares his ideas of serving Superior Goddess:


"i will best serve Goddess veronica by always obeying every order i am given, to always serve without
question regardless of what my Goddess instructs or demands of me.
to never wine or complain or continually beg for rewards, to always remember that rewards are only
given if goddess Veronica is pleased and amused with my efforts, but to also always expect punishment
for any mistakes or lack of effort i might make.
i will submit my life and will to my goddess and devote my being to always treat her like the queen she is.
i must always carefully listen to my goddess's word's and fully carry out any order's and instructions fully
and to my best ability, to behave exactly as goddess expects of me and to never do anything to annoy or
embarrass my Goddess veronica, i am to use my imagination to think of different ways to please and amuse my owner.
and i must always be honest and truthful and to make every effort to make my goddess Proud to own me as her property.
i live only to please and give pleasure and to devote any of my happiness to pleasing my goddess and to make
all her fantasies come true.
as a submissive, i will always be expected to do things that i have never done before,
and the desire to please her is the driving force in my world.
i will always try to please, try to meet, and even try to surpass her expectations.
and When i do so, the joy i feel will be a greater reward than gold itself.
When i have failed, it will be my courage that ensures me to not simply give up.
and to not feel despair because i have let down my Mistress but to double my efforts to make amends.
i will aways rise above my failure and continue to serve with rejuvenated vigour.
i trust my Goddess with my life and i will always surrender control as i trust her judgement fully because
Goddess always knows whats best for me.
My main and only role is to always serve well enough to make my Goddess Veronica's life easier."

Slave Briana in service of Goddess Veronica