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Religious humiliation and blasphemy

I have been training a new online slave, a christian guy who gets off on the idea of being humiliated for his religious beliefs and likes to wank off to his christian artefacts such as crucifixes, pics of jesus, even communion bread. I've been looking for such a slave for a long time, because I really love humiliating religious people and their ridiculous old relics. Nothing makes me laugh more than watching a loser wank into a bible or to push a crucifix into his asshole. The bible is nothing more than an old fairytale written by power hungry men...if I had one, I'd use it as toilet paper.

And it's not just christians that I find so hilarious. I don't discriminate, I think all religions are useless and their followers nothing but mindless drones. While this fetish might not be for everyone, I enjoy immensely, and so does my slave.

Here are some pictures that my religious slave has taken under my command. He has also performed on webcam for me....it was a thrill to watch him edge and then shoot his load on a communion bread....right before eating it and declaring Me as his only Savior!


  1. I feel honoured to see You made a blog about Goddess, thank You