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Sissy story: "New York, New York!"

Yet another sissy story from my loyal servant, the slutty sissy Claire!

"New York, New York" by sissy Claire

He’d never been to America so moving to New York was a big step. He just wanted to get away from everything for a few years. His family understood, he was under a lot of pressure with work and caring for family wasn’t easy for him either.

Josh had just finished taking the last box into his flat when the lady that lived opposite him was putting the keys in her front door. She was quite slim but not thin. Her hear was blonde and flowed just past her shoulders and to the top of her noticeable bust. Her face was smooth and welcoming and she had a natural smile. Josh tapped her on the shoulder and said ‘Hey, I’m your new neighbour, Josh.’ He smiled at her and she smiled back.

‘Hey, I’m Christy. The accent, English?’ she asked, tilting her head slightly.

He nodded his head. ‘Yep, first day out here! Never even been to America before but I wanted to start anew.’

She smiled again and hugged him ‘Welcome to Sisstine Block!’ Josh blushed slightly as he felt her nipples through her tight yellow crop top. She gave a slight grin as she felt it to.

‘I was going to grab some lunch in a second. Would you like to come with? I don’t really know where anything is.’ He replied after taking control of himself.

‘As in, like a date?’ Christy asked. ‘It’s just I’m a transsexual so most guys freak out after that so I don’t date much.’ After a moments shock, Josh regained his senses and looked at her and laughed.

‘Well then they’re idiots.’ He said. ‘If we’re going to be honest like that, I used to have a sissification fantasy so if that scares you off then so be it!’ He hadn’t thought about it for a few years but he wanted to make her feel at ease by making a joke out of it.

She smiled, thought for a second and then agreed. ‘I’ll just put this shopping down and I’ll come knock for you.’ She went in, blushing a little. Josh quickly put the last of the empty boxes in the bin and grabbed a clean shirt from his cupboard.

When Christy knocked on the door, she had traded her crop top and mini skirt for a floral summer dress and some sandals. She was stunning. Josh grabbed his wallet and they set out for the nearest coffee shop.

They both decided they didn’t want much to eat so they shared a muffin and each had a cup of coffee. They chatted about what everything from jobs to family to old flames. They loved spending time with each other. They had a lot in common too. They hadn’t dated anyone for years. Despite both being VERY adventurous neither of them had had sex. Christy had been left a small fortune by an uncle but had put most of it into savings. She owned two of the flats on the floor but had made them into one big one. She wasn’t working at the moment but volunteered a lot. Josh told her about his work as a paramedic and that he’d come into a little money which had brought him here.

It was closing time in the coffee house when they were finished. They wandered around the streets and ended up in central park. The sun was setting and they were sat atop a rock by a running stream. ‘I’ve had a really lovely afternoon Josh’ Christy said nuzzling into his shoulder. ‘You’re not like other guys, you’re sweet.’

‘I feel the same about you Christy.’ They looked at each other and Josh leant into kiss her beautiful lips. Christy kissed back and they shared a brief moment of bliss. Her pink-glossed lips touched his as he placed a hand on her cheek and pulled her closer. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him more forcefully. They were the only ones around and so Christy slid on top of Josh and straddled him. They continued kissing for a while, linking tongues as they held each other closely. After about fifteen of kissing they laid there staring at the sunset just breathing next to each other. It was a beautiful moment.

‘Should we head home? It’s almost 9:00 now.’ Josh said as he checked his watch. He didn’t want to leave. Her hair smelt amazing and feeling her resting against him was an amazing start to his new life. But it was night in a city he didn’t know and had no idea of how to get home.

‘I guess we should’ She sighed. ‘Do you want to come back to mine for dinner? I only have some random ingredients but we might find something.’

‘Sounds like a plan!’ Josh replied, helping her to her feet and pulling her close wrapping an arm around her. He swept her off her feet and carried her off the rock and out of the park. As he put her down she giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

They walked back to the flats hand in hand just chatting some more about life. They stopped occasionally to look at shop windows. It was a lovely walk home. Christy slipped her hand into the back pocket of Josh’s jeans and gave it a gentle stroke as they got to their building. They walked up the stairs laughing and joking.

Christy took out her key and opened the door. The apartment wasn’t what Josh had expected. This part seemed identical to his with an open lounge-diner and kitchen area. The furniture was interesting though. There was a huge TV on the wall with a bright pink leather sofa facing it. The floor was laminate boards with a massive pink fluffy rug around the couch and two equally fluffy chairs. He liked it, it was pretty. There were pictures on the wall of some old magazine covers on with models on them.

The kitchen had an oven, hob and grill on one wall and then worktops on the other wall leading into a breakfast bar that stuck out the other side, fencing off the rest of the flat. There was a staircase leading up to the landing bedroom and bathroom like in his apartment. From the bedroom you could look down at the rest of the place. There was a door under the stair case that Josh’s place didn’t have which he assumed was access to the other flat.

She saw him looking around. ‘Don’t mention the furniture! ‘ She giggled. ‘It’s pretty and I love it!’ Josh nodded his agreement and went red for the hundredth time that day. ‘That door leads to the other apartment. I use it for storage upstairs but there are…toys…downstairs. Being a single transsexual is a bit lonely sometimes.’ She went a little colon forward slash so Josh walked over to her, lifted up her chin and passionately kissed her. He ran his fingers through her long blonde hair as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to her.

Their lips parted and they stared into each other’s eyes smiling until he pulled her into a hug. ‘Thank you Josh. I’ve never met anyone like you before. You’re special.’

‘I haven’t met anyone like you either. You’re perfect.’ Josh said, taking a deep breath, taking in her scent.

‘It doesn’t bother you that I’ve got a…you know…?’ She asked.

‘Not at all. I don’t care if you had nothing down there. You’re an amazing, lovely, sweet, kind and obviously caring person. Plus, if I’m being honest, the idea kind of turns me on a little.’ A smile escaped both of them as they looked at each other. They laughed, cuddled again and then went into the kitchen. ‘So we’ve got some onions, a pack of bacon, some frozen chicken and rice?’ Josh asked as he looked in the fridge. Christy nodded with a cheeky grin. ‘Well let’s see what we can do then!’

Forty minutes later they were sat at the breakfast bar and with the help of some spices, Josh had made a pretty tasty meal. Christy had chosen a bottle of wine and dimmed the lights. As they were finishing off Christy looked up. ‘I want you to stay the night. I know you only just moved in but I feel we have a connection. I’m not asking you for sex, I just don’t want you to leave.’ She looked down at her plate feeling embarrassed.

‘I want that too. I’d love that.’ Josh replied. She looked up beaming and practically jumped across the table to hug him. Another kiss on the cheek. This time she sat on his lap, a leg either side of the chair and kissed him again.

It was so intense; Josh started getting hard and started to feel Christy doing the same against his chest. It made the moment so much hotter. They ended up making out on the leather couch for a while and then just laid there like they did in the park. It was about 11:30 by the time Christy took him by the hand to the bedroom.

‘So how do you want this to go? All of my clothes are at my place in boxes.’ Josh said.

‘Oh damn. You could sleep in just your boxers if you like, or you could were one of my t-shirts and more masculine shorts.’ She replied with a wink, already rummaging through her drawers to find something. She pulled out some loose fitting jersey exercise shorts and a pink crop top. ‘Go on, wear these!’ She pleaded. As he’d decided he’d done too much exercise today to wear the boxers and too tired to find anything in his own place, he reluctantly took the clothes. ‘Maybe one day I’LL be the one to sissify you’ She said, walking into the bathroom to get changed.

Josh got into the bed, feeling a little bit kinky but decided the top was too much and took it off. He was of slight build but tall. If he was wearing a dress, his silhouette would be that of a woman with short hair. He folded up the top and was placing it on the chair when Christy came out. She was wearing a white satin nightie with her hair tied up in a bun. She was gorgeous. She got into the bed and beckoned to the space next to her.

Josh hadn’t felt so close and comfortable with someone like this before. He liked it. He slid under the silk sheet and wrapped an arm around her and tucked in close. ‘Sleep tight beautiful. I’ve had the greatest day ever’. They drifted to sleep and slept soundly until morning.

Josh woke first. He looked at the clock and saw it was just past 8:00. After gently retrieving his arm from beneath Christy, he picked up his clothes and got dressed. He went down stairs and found some bread and eggs. He put some toast in and cracked some eggs into a saucepan so he could make some eggy bread. He found a plate and left the toast to soak up the egg. After tidying up the dinner stuff from last night, he made a pot of coffee and took her up breakfast in bed.

She was just waking up as he came up the stairs. He helped he get comfy and then placed the tray on her legs. She thanked him and pulled him into a kiss. Josh brushed a hair from her cheek and went down to get his own cup of coffee.

When he was walking back up the hard wood stairs, she was waiting for him at the top in her nightie. ‘Thank you so much for breakfast, it was delicious.’ As Josh came to the top of the stairs she kissed his forehead and pulled him onto the bed where they snuggled with cups of coffee and each other. ‘I suppose we should get up and showered then!’ Christy got up put on a dressing gown to match the white silk nightie she wore. Her figure was an amazing hour glass with long legs to compliment it.

As she tied it Josh got up. ‘I’ll head home and shower. I have loads of clothes to sort out and I have to buy some stuff for the apartment. I don’t suppose you’d like to go shopping would you?’

‘Shopping with a hot guy like you? Sure I would! Shall I knock when I’m ready?’ She asked.’

‘Don’t worry about knocking, I might be upstairs, just come in, I’ll leave the door open’ He wandered down the stairs and back into his own apartment. He went into his own bathroom to shower but when he got out, he realised that he hadn’t unpacked any towels. They were in a box downstairs.

He let himself dry of naturally for a little while before running downstairs. He got the box that he was looking for and as he opened it the door behind did the same. He was stood there naked in front of Christy. His body was smooth and hairless from when he used to experiment with cross-dressing and he wasn’t the muscliest of guys. She quickly shut the door behind her. She was wearing a denim mini skirt with black leggings and a pink tube top. Her hair was down and she gaped as Josh spun around completely naked.

‘I’m so sorry! I was in the shower and I’d left the towels down here and…’ She cut him off before he could say anything else.

‘It’s fine!’ she cooed at him. She walked up and pecked him on the lips. ‘It’s just…I’ve never seen a man’s cock up close before.’ She gently ran a perfectly painted pink nail down his chest to the base of his now erect penis. ‘I don’t want to rush things though.’ She said letting go as if awakened from a trance. ‘Dry off, get dressed and we’ll empty the rest of these boxes.’

As Josh turned around Christy couldn’t contain herself. She crept up behind him, placed her hands on his waist and kissed his neck sensuously. He stopped searching for a towel and let her spin him around as she pulled him into a French kiss. She knelt and wrapped a hand around his now fully hard cock and started to stroke it. Josh stumbled back as pure pleasure ran through his body. She put her lips to the head and gently ran her tongue over it. He ran his hands through her hair and used all his will power to pull her up to his level. ‘Is this what you want? We’ve only just met.’

‘I know, I just wanted to try it.’ She blushed slightly and turned away. Josh pulled her back around and hugged her before taking her upstairs. He towelled off and slung on some boxers. ‘Can you wear just those whilst we’re inside?’ She giggled. Josh thought for a moment. He was still very hard from her tongue and it was very noticeable. ‘I’ll do the same.’ And with that she was sliding out of her tube top and skirt. All that was left was a pair of pink ruffle knickers and a matching bra. The knickers were home to a penis that was just as hard as Josh’s but a bit longer, straining to get out.

After they’d fooled around a little, rubbing the other through the fabric of their clothes, they unpacked the remaining boxes. They chatted as they did so. Christy was asking if Josh had liked the shorts he slept in. He had to confess that they were much comfier than the men’s shorts he was used to. Then came a rapid fire of questions about his sissy fantasies. When it started, what he liked, what he didn’t like, if he had any clothes and whether he’d like to do it someday.

It had started when he was about 14 and experimenting with wigs and pretty skirts but hadn’t done anything like it for three years. He loved pretty much anything about it except for forced bi. He didn’t want some guy coming in acting like he was his bitch. The clothes he’d ever had he had thrown out for fear of being discovered and he’d love to do it some time.

She listened intently, it was evident she was interested. ‘So you never had anyone help you or spoke to anyone about it?’

‘Nope, you’re the first person I ever told.’ He replied.

She thought for a moment and then had an almost evil grin on her face. ‘We should get dressed and get some basics for you!’ They both got dressed and walked out the building hand in hand. Josh wanted to get some food and new kitchen gear. So Christy took him to a few shops in the local area and showed him the way around the city. He loved it here. There was always something going on. Street performers or parades, just something. They got to know each other even more. They kept clicking together and just loved spending time with the other. Truth be told, they were both starting to love the other. It was a relationship they dreamed of. After a bite of lunch they walked back through the park again.

When they got back, they put everything in its place and sat down on Josh’s couch to watch some TV. The credits were rolling on an episode of friends when Christy spoke. Her head was resting on Josh’s chest and a hand was by her face. ‘I’m falling in love with you Josh. I know it sounds stupid but you’re perfect.’ She nuzzled into his neck.

‘I was worried you didn’t feel the same as me. I’m falling in love with you too. I have not once in my life felt so happy.’ They kissed and they took each other’s tops off and threw them on the floor. Next thing they were on the floor unbuttoning their denim. They rubbed each other through the fabric until they were both fit to burst.

‘I want you inside me.’ Christy said as her neck was being kissed. She undid the back of her bra and released two huge breasts. They were pert and firm and she guided Josh’s lips towards a nipple and he sucked and licked and bit at it until she was moaning with pleasure. She rolled over and pulled down her panties revealing her eight inch cock and ass. She pulled down his boxers and spat into her hand. Rubbing her saliva all over is cock she directed it to her ass. ‘Stuff me Josh. I want to feel your hard cock pushing into me!’ She moaned as his head penetrated her. It was tight but clearly had been loosened by the ‘toys’ she kept. He started off slowly but built up a strong steady pace.

‘That’s it baby, pound my ass!’ She screamed as Josh kept going. Christy spun round onto her back so she could see him as his cock slid in and out of her. Josh had only ever masturbated and never used a flesh-light let alone a woman. This felt amazing. He kept going for what felt like seconds but must have been ten minutes. As he thrust he felt her cock banging against his abdomen which drove him even crazier.

‘Oh God! I think I’m going to cum!’ He groaned as he approached orgasm. He didn’t stop but just kept going. He shot the biggest load right in her tight ass. She groaned as she felt the warmth fill her up.

‘Oh baby. That feels so good!’ She closed her eyes and gently moved herself slowly up and down the shaft. ‘Have you ever taken something up the ass before? Like this big cock?’ Josh shook his head, a little nervous as to what would happen next. ‘In that case I won’t start you off with this.’ She said tapping the head against him and smiling. ‘But I’d like to cum too’ She ran a hand on his cheek. She slid him out of her and sat on the couch so that her cock was just below his face. She placed her hands behind his head and guided him towards the shiny pre-cum that had emerged.

‘I want you to suck my cock. Will you do that for me?’ Josh practically leapt at the chance, gently licking up the cum that was already oozing. He’d watched plenty of porn in his life so knew how to give as much pleasure as he could. He gently ran his lips to the base and tickled her balls with one hand whilst squeezing a nipple with the other. As soon as he started Christy couldn’t manage words and all that came out were gasps and moans as he sucked at her huge hard cock. He worked the shaft with his hand as his tongue played with the head. Though he’d never admit it, the taste of her juice was delicious. He’d experimented with CEI before but it had never tasted this good. He lapped it up like a little cat and stared at her beautiful face twisting as shivers went up her body.

He worked it hard and fast and she came closer to the edge until she burst. A deep moan was let out as her cum filled his mouth. She leant backwards, breathing heavily. She lifted his chin and ordered him to open his mouth so she could see her juice. He obliged and she dipped a finger into her massive load. She pulled him into a kiss and the cream flowed between their mouths in an intense moment of passion. ‘Bottoms up!’ She smiled and let it all drop back into his mouth. He gulped it down. It was warm on the back of his throat but he drank the whole load and kissed the head of her cock as he rose and sat next to her. ‘That…was amazing.’ They kissed again sharing the salty taste whilst holding each other closely.

Josh took Christy’s hand and led her to the bathroom where they shared a shower. They rubbed oil onto each other. Kissed and caressed. When they were done they both dried off. ‘Want to come over to mine for the evening? We can order some food in if you like.’ She offered.

‘Sounds like a plan! What time?’ He asked.

‘Now silly! I have something I want to show you.’ She smiled and slid her tube top back on. And buttoned up her skirt. ‘So what do you say?’

He’d seen the city and knew his way around close enough for the two days he’d been there. He knew no one else and he’d just had sex with the one he loved. He was not going to miss one second with her. ‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ They Eskimo kissed and they went back across to her apartment.

Josh sat one of the fluffy chairs in the lounge as Christy told him to whilst she went next door. She came back with a small box and a big smile on her face. ‘Now I could tell by the way you talked about it that you still wanted to be a sissy so I’m going to help you! I still want us to be together as a couple no matter what and I thought it would be fun! So strip bare and let me see you!’ Josh stripped down and revealed yet another erection. ‘To start with I want to be able to make you feel as good as you made me feel earlier so that means training your ass to take a big cock like mine. So I have this.’ She pulled a thin but long black butt-plug out of the box. ‘You know what this is, don’t you?’ She said seductively. A bottle of lube was produced next and Josh was pulled across the coffee table as Christy started lubing up his tight sissy hole. She gently eased the plug in. ‘How does that feel sweetie?’

‘Really…uh…good!’ He groaned as the end was pushed through.

‘We’ll work you up to bigger ones gradually! I’m so excited! I thought you might like to cover it in these.’ She pulled out a pair of ruffle knickers like hers earlier but these had a slit at the front. She slid them up his legs and they felt so good. ‘That’s right your sissy clit goes through there.’ She put his longing cock through the hole and gently rubbed it. She gently spanked him once and then pulled up his jeans and buttoned them, rubbing his hard cock through the zip.

Christy phoned up a Chinese take-out and ordered a wide selection of dishes. They sat down and watched a repeat of Friends in each other’s arms. The doorbell rang and Josh stood up, feeling the plug move slightly inside him, answered the door and set out the food on the table. They split it onto two plates and sat down to eat. They chatted and laughed, they joked and flirted. It was like they were meant to be together.

‘I want to make you a full on sissy. Just for tonight!’ It came out of nowhere and Josh went bright red. ‘I really want to try it!’ She gave him a seductive smile and gently ran her bare foot up his leg and rubbed it against his knicker clad crotch.

‘I’d like to try that too.’ Josh replied.

Christy jumped up like a school girl and ran upstairs. She came back with a big metal case that she placed on the floor and opened it out. It looked like a corner cupboard and inside one half was coated in small slim draws and the other had two doors on it with shelves behind them. The lining was red velvet with a slight red fur trim. The draws were filled to the brim with make-up of all colours and varieties. There was everything from eye-liner to lip gloss. There was glitter in some, others were more gothic style. ‘To start with, I’m going to ask you to strip except for the pretty panties. We’re going to make you so hot!’

She started by opening the cupboards and took out a razor and some cream. She pulled the knickers down and sprayed some foam onto his pubic hair. She pushed him against a wall and ran her tongue around the head of his cock. She took the razor and gently moulded his pubic region. When she was finished a neat little heart was there right above his sissy clit. She then went back and exchanged the razor for a tube of pink liquid. She squeezed some onto her hand and gently massaged it into the heart. The light brown hair quickly turned into a pretty neon pink fur. ‘There! Already a mark to show that you are my little sissy boy!’ She tickled his balls a little and tongued him again. ‘No other hair either! You were born for this sweetie.’ She held his chin and kissed him. ‘If you’re going to be my sissy though, you need a sissy name! How about…Victoria? No! Tori! That’s perfect! My little Tori Heart!’ She gave a giggle and pulled the panties back up.

She told him to stay there whilst she dragged over a stool and the case. She started with some foundation and then spent about twenty minutes on her eyes. Everything had to be pink. She thought as it was the first time this sissy would be here, it should be in style. Then eyebrows got plucked and thinned and then a little bit of blusher on the cheeks.

Finally came the lips. She selected a bright pink that would match his dyed hair and added generous amounts of gloss to make them absolutely irresistible. Christy held out a tissue and made him lip bite onto it which left a pink lipstick mark that for some reason made Josh’s cock harden in his lacy sexy knickers.

‘There we go! You look just amazing my little sissy slut!’ She returned the shelves and boxes of make-up to the case and returned with a blonde wig. It was very long and rested about three inches above the back of the frilly knickers and as he swayed his head, the hair shook out and tickled the lower back. ‘Oh wow! You even shake your hair out like a girl!’ Christy chuckled. ‘I think we’re going to start off in some casual clothes so follow me up to the bedroom Tori!’ a subtle wink followed the instruction and they walked up the stairs to the balcony bedroom.

When she walked, Tori could feel the plug moving around, occasionally brushing past her prostate. With the knickers covering her clit, you couldn’t tell that she was actually a he. When they reached the top of the stairs Christy flung open a cupboard door and revealed a massive selection of female clothes. ‘I think your body would look good in these!’ A pair of jeggings were taken out and handed to Tori who put them on, adjusting them slightly over her knickers. ‘Hmm, I think a pink top is definitely needed. How about trying this on?’ She picked up a pink knitted top that had no shoulders and hung at the sides of the arms. It was slightly too shot to reach the top of the jeggings which gave the whole outfit a little bit of a slutty side.

Tori flicked her hair out the back of her top and shook it out which made Christy very horny very quickly. Whilst Tori admired herself in the long mirror on the cupboard door Christy started rubbing her own cock through the denim of her skirt. Tori turned and saw the horny transsexual and wondered over to her. She knelt at her feet and unzipped the denim skirt. The erect cock fell down and knocked Tori’s nose. With her new pink lips she kissed the base of Christy’s cock and left her lip marks. Christy ran her hands through the long blonde hair and directed the same pink lips to the head of the cock. ‘We’ll have to touch up your lips up after this, you’d best get the whole load in your mouth or we’ll have to start everything all over again.’

Tori took her advice and used her tongue and lips to work the head whilst both of her hands worked the big she-cock shaft. Tori’s hands could feel the cum building up as orgasm approached and teased her for as long as possible. Eventually there was no way of teasing the cock without sending her over the edge so Tori went frantically up and down the cock with as much speed and force as she could manage. The beautiful t-girl sprayed a massive load in her sissy’s mouth and, like earlier, kissed her deeply so that they could share the taste. Then Tori greedily gulped down the load and kissed each of Christy’s balls which made her shiver and thrust into her pets face a little bit. Whilst Christy recovered herself Tori slid her frilly knickers back up and did the denim skirt back up.

Christy sat on the foot of the bed and lay back panting. She glanced over at Tori ‘I didn’t think you could beat last time but my God, that was good. I’m impressed as well. You managed to give a blow job without ruining your make up! Well done!’ She beckoned for Tori to join her on the bed. The sissy lay next to her lover and rested her blonde hair on her shoulder. Christy placed an arm around her new toy and placed her chin on the wig. It was strange, they’d only known each other for two days but neither had ever felt closer to someone in their lives.

‘I think I love you Josh.’ these were two words that Christy had never thought to come out of her mouth. ‘I know it sounds ridiculous but you’re the perfect level of kinky and submissive, you’re sweet and kind and I just love you.’

Josh had only said that to one other girl but this was different. ‘I love you too. I’m not saying I’m in love with you but you’re amazing.’ He looked up at her and rested his chin on her chest. ‘I think you’re lovely and generous. You’ve guided me into a world I never have gone into on my own, you’re always teaching me new things and most importantly, you’ve got huge breasts and a massive cock!’ The last part was a joke and they both giggled and pulled into a lovers hug.

They stayed in bed, both looking slightly slutty, and fell asleep. It was a perfect night’s sleep and they stayed in each other’s arms until dawn came. Tori woke first and lay next to Christy just staring at her natural beauty. She sat up and saw herself in the mirror with, amazingly, still perfect make-up and hair. The long blonde locks were very realistic and when she ran a hand through it she looked like a porn-star. She walked over and knelt with her legs spread slightly. Her cock started getting hard and the jeggings framed it nicely producing a long tube underneath the material.

With one hand Tori ran a hand through her hair and with the other she rubbed her cock through the material like a woman would. The hand in her hair slid underneath the pink top and started playing with a nipple. After ten minutes of pinching at nipples and rubbing her stick, she stopped and admired herself in the mirror. Add some fake breasts and there was a real woman there. Tori hadn’t noticed but Christy was up and staring at her. Naturally, Tori blushed heavily when she saw her lover looking at her as she was trying to be a sexy little girl. Christy broke out into a smile, stood up, and took Tori’s hand downstairs.

They sat at the breakfast bar and tucked into some croissants as they discussed the day ahead. ‘I thought we could go out today. Maybe see a movie or something?’ Christy asked as she took a bite of delicious pastry. ‘I have a few girlfriends I’ve been meaning to catch up with. The way you look and walk I really think you could pass for one of the girls! If you want to that is?’

She couldn’t believe it herself but there was absolutely no trace of Josh left to look at. Tori really did look like one of the girls. Putting on a slightly more feminine voice she said ‘I’d love to. That would be great.’

Christy looked shocked at the voice that she had just heard but then smiled and pulled Tori into a hug. ‘Yay! We’ll pick you out a lovely outfit! I’m thinking maybe a plaid skirt and a white sweater top? We’re going to be the hottest couple around!’

They finished their breakfast and they sat on the couch together. ‘Sweetie, you know that plug I put in yesterday? Well it came with this.’ She pulled out a rubber tube and pump from the side of the cushion. ‘Can you get on all fours and stick your perky little ass up for me?’ Tori obeyed and rested her forearms on the floor and pushed her sissy hole in the air. She really did look like a slut.

Christy pulled down the jeggings and knickers to reveal the plug. There was a screw connection that the tube connected to so she screwed it in. ‘This pump will expand the plug and make your ass hole bigger. That means that if you take it well, you could be getting my cock in there soon!’

‘Oh God, really? I would love that!’ Before she had even finished the sentence Christy was pumping furiously filling the plug with air. Tori gasped as, for the first time, her ass was filled completely and then some. After a few moans caused by the new sensation, and a few minutes of pumping, the process was complete.

‘How does that feel? Good?’ Tori nodded, biting back the urge to yell out in pleasure and a little pain. ‘I just want to work it in a little more’. Christy started shaking the ass and gently spanking it causing more pleasurable noises. The plug was now about four times the size it was earlier and Tori was doing remarkably well considering her virgin ass. ‘I’m going to leave it in there for a few hours and then we’ll see how you feel, OK pet?’ she stroked the sissy hair and kissed her cheek. She then helped her up and sat her down on the couch again.

After a little adjustment and fidgeting Tori was able to find a comfortable position that she could happily cuddle up next to Christy. They spent the day relaxing and watching TV, occasionally kissing and fooling around. All the while Tori’s ass was stretching out.

Eventually, Christy removed the plug and at about five in the evening Christy took Tori upstairs and got her dressed in a pink plaid skirt with white tights on and a white sweater top. She handed her a pair of pink patent flats as well but when Christy observed she knew something was missing. After a moment’s thought she clicked and realised that the hair didn’t quite gel with the outfit. She tied it back in a long ponytail and clipped a flower of the same pink as the skirt to the side of her hair. She looked like a she. It was unbelievable.

Christy had decided to don a pair of skinny jeans and a pink tube top that complimented the darker pink of Tori’s skirt. A pair of heels was taken from the bottom of a cupboard that was the same pink patent that Tori wore. When they stood next to each other, Christy was about three inches taller than Tori.

They headed out and met Christy’s friends outside the theatre and after introductions; they headed inside and watched a romantic comedy that had just been released. About thirty minutes into the film Christy reached a hand over and started rubbing the sissy cock through the skirt as a sex scene came on. The man was muscly and handsome and very powerful and the woman was a blonde bending over and let him fuck her really hard.

Tori glanced over her lover and could see she was very turned on. Christy’s two friends were making out next to them too. Tori hadn’t realised they were lesbians. As the sex scene got more intense Christy rubbed harder and faster. Now that she was so horny, she wanted to repay Christy for the attention he was getting. They were on the back row of the cinema and they were on the earliest showing so the place was pretty much empty except for a couple on the front row.

Tori mounted Christy and kissed her deeply ‘I want to do something wild!’ she whispered. With that, she unbuttoned Christy’s skinny jeans and pulled her knickers across to let the hard cock ping up. Christy was even hornier now and started biting at her neck and running hands up her top to pinch at the nipples. Tori hoist up her skirt and slid the tights and knickers down. There was a copious amount of pre-cum on the tip of the aroused shemale cock. This was used by Tori to rub around the rim of her sissy hole to lube it up a little.

It was just under two inches in diameter and a little larger at the head which was now popped inside the hole. If Christy’s tongue hadn’t been gagging her, Tori would’ve yelped as she was stretched properly. Still lip-locked, Tori slowly lowered herself onto the cock. The feeling was amazing, the butt plug was nothing compared to this. The head pushed against her button and she slowly started to raise herself up and down.

Christy’s two friends had stopped kissing and stared at the real sex scene as they slid their hands down their partners skirt and started massaging the others pussy. Seeing this completely hormonal scene caused a feeling in Tori that ignored any pain she may have felt and replaced it with pleasure. She bounced up and down on the cock loving every second of it watching her own smaller dick bounce up and down.

Christy’s friends reached orgasm for the first time as Christy took hold of the bouncing stick and started vigorously working it with both hands. Tori came close long before Christy, because her movements were slower, but Christy just kept edging her cock closer and then leaving her for a moment to calm down before continuing.

Tori kept pushing down on the cock until eventually Christy’s body went into spasm and she tightened her grip on her girlfriend’s cock and worked it until she blew a load too. Tori sprayed all over her own chest as she felt Christy’s sweet jizz fill her tight ass. The warm liquid was completely new feeling. It was perfect and she never wanted it to stop. Tori used her fingers and cleaned up the cum on her chest. She licked of a little herself, savouring the taste of it in her mouth and the feel of it in her ass, and then gave some to Christy.

Christy pulled out and helped Tori clench to keep all the cum up there. Tori collapsed between the legs of the one she loved. ‘There’s no turning back now my sweet.’ Christy whispered to her. ‘You’re going to only crave cock from now on.’ It was true. All she could think about was doing it again.

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Sissy story "The Chalet Girl"

Another steamy sissy story from my slut Claire! Enjoy!

"The Chalet Girl" by Sissy Claire

When he stepped of the plane Alex was hit by a bitter wind. The journey had been good, thirty minutes ahead of schedule, but now he was waiting in a gentle fall of snow for the car to pick him up from the airport.

The sky was a very light grey and clearly full of snow which was now landing on Alex’s hat. A back car pulled up, a Rolls Royce and a man with a chauffer’s hat stepped out and opened the rear car door nearest the pavement. “Mr Dowler? Madame Kenoux is waiting for us in her chalet.” Alex stepped into the car and left the man to put his bag in the boot.

It was early January and Alex was taking a gap year before going to university. He’d signed up for a cleaning position and hoped to get out and learn to ski on the weekends. Madame Dominique Kenoux was a very wealthy woman who lived in the middle of a Swiss valley and was miles away from anywhere.

The car Journey took about three hours and Alex arrived at just past 17:00 local time. He was tired and shattered but the driver just dumped the case down and left him to commence the long trek up the driveway. Under the two inches of snow was a gravel path that led to the house about five hundred meters further. There were bushes that had once been trimmed into animals along the path but they had been overgrown and looked a mess now. The grounds had a twelve foot brick wall surrounding them and, with all the weeds and plants on them, they looked as over-grown as the bushes.

Dragging his case along, Alex began the walk to the house. It looked like something from a Victorian TV program. There were at least five rooms on the front wall on each floor. Four floors and a loft stood in front of him, causing Alex to feel rather small and tiny. He was used to London terrace houses, not Swiss chalets.

On the door was a brass knocker which was in an intricate pattern and it rested on a small heart of the same make. Alex banged the door three times and waited patiently. After a few moments the great oak door came swinging in and there stood the most exquisite woman Alex had ever laid eyes on. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail and the light from the crystal chandelier made it shine and shimmer. She had a little button nose beneath two purple-blue eyes and above a pair of plump lips that had a bright red shade coated in gloss.

She wore a big and long white fur coat that trailed behind her. She held it close around her but the top of a black silk gown could be seen just above her bosom. The coat flared slightly at the end which put her black high-heels on display. They added a couple of inches but that meant that she was still about five foot seven.

“Alex? Pleasure to meet you! I’m Madame Dominique Kenoux and this is my humble abode!” She smiled and beckoned the freezing young man inside. She spoke perfect English but had a very thick and seductive French accent. The entrance hall was huge. There were three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a massive switch way staircase that allowed access to the balconies. “You’ve been chosen to be my assistant for the next few months really! It’s a big house and little old me can’t do it all on her own! If you’re willing, you’ll do whatever I say?” Alex nodded, trying to take in everything. “Good. So I guess we should get to know each other then!” and, without any warning or explanation, she through her arms around him and pulled him into a deep and long kiss. He was engulfed by her coat and felt warm and comfy between the fur and silk. She let him go and grinned. “Oh yes. You’ll do perfectly!” She slammed the door shut and then grabbed him again, this time forcing her tongue into his mouth. Both hands placed firmly on his cheeks. She walked towards the stairs and pulled him with her.

Dominique was the only one who spoke as they walked up the third flight of stairs. “I never get much company, the people who bring supplies and such aren’t around long enough so I decided I needed a young man to keep me company and amuse me. The cleaners come once a week to do the whole house, so you’ll keep me company the rest of the time. I looked at the questionnaire you filled in and decided we would get on very well!”

They ended up in a bedroom with a huge four poster bed. There was a white sheet atop the bed and a red velvet duvet cover. The rest of the room was scarcely furnished but for a mirror on one wall and a desk of drawers on the other. The window showed the front driveway of the house.

Alex stood in the doorway as Madame Kenoux lay on the bed and pulled the coat over her leg to reveal the long smooth skin beneath. Her black gown held lace at the top and the bottom but was slightly tighter around the bust so there was a very noticeable cleavage.

Her left hand travelled down to beneath the gown and slowly started to move. Alex looked startled but the bulge in his trousers betrayed any illusion he wasn’t enjoying this. “Come to bed darling.” She gasped as a finger was slipped inside her pussy. “I want to make love to you” The number of fingers increased as did the power and speed that they were being used. Mesmerized, Alex stepped forward until he was about a meter away. “Strip.” She said in a voice that suggested he shouldn’t refuse.

He did as was bid and went down to his boxers. “No. All the way.” She slipped off a shoe and traced a line down his leg with her toe. He nervously slipped off the boxers and was now naked. She sat on the bed and slid her gown up until it was around her waist. The lace and cotton knickers she was wearing were slid to the side. She used a finger to beckon the eighteen year old closer. Their lips were millimetres from each other and about to touch when two smooth silky hands were wrapped around Alex’s head and pushed it down towards the waiting pussy. “Stick out your tongue and take me to heaven!” He obliged and started licking at the warm moist hole that his head was being forced against. It tasted amazing.

Alex was of slight build and had modern stylish hair but he had an almost feminine look about him. He was a little shorted than Madame Kenoux and about the same size. He’d never been popular at school and had barely had a girlfriend let alone had sex. This was like heaven for him as well.

“Oh yes! We’re going to have a lot of fun this season!” She started thrusting herself towards him which made it even more intense. Her legs wrapped around his neck and she rolled over onto all fours and covered him in the fur coat. She sat up and saw the tongue eagerly trying to please. She pulled him closer and felt it go deeper and deeper. Groans and moans escaped Dominique’s lips as orgasm came closer and closer. As she reached the climax of the first of many orgasms, she collapsed onto his face, letting her neatly trimmed bush rub against his nose.

“Wow…you were definitely a good choice.” She rolled over, still gripping his face with her legs so that he could savour the scent, and began gaining her breath back. Alex was in shock at the introduction she’d awarded him. “Now on your application you put your sexual preference as bi-sexual. If that’s correct, then stick your tongue inside again.” He stuck his tongue in. “Good. Take it out now. Next, you said you experimented with cross-dressing. Did you and if you enjoyed it did you enjoy it? The enthusiasm that you lick my pussy will be the excitement you gained from dressing up as a sissy.” Alex wrapped his arms through her legs and buried his face between them licking and pushing himself inside of her. He kept going until she climaxed again. Her muscles went into spasm and Alex’s mouth and nose were enveloped between her perfect lips.

“Interesting.” She sighed “You clearly loved being a sissy! That’s good. Go over to that drawer there.” She pointed at the top drawer at the side. Alex opened it up and inside was a sexy set of black lingerie. Alex glanced back to the woman who was now tasting her own juices. “I want you to put those on and then come over here.” He did as he was told and let the fur trimmed black knickers graze against his hairless legs. The garter belt was put on next and then the stockings which clipped onto the belt. His cock was getting rock hard which caused a small damp patch of pre cum to appear. There was a bra that had two breast forms built into them that was the last thing to add. They felt real to touch through the material and the little nipples were made very hard so could be seen gently poking through.

“Oh very sexy. Do a little spin for me, that’s right, oh la la! I think you should come back to bed now!” She stood and took the coat off, hanging it on a bed post, then snuggled under the duvet with a smile. Alex tip toed in the stockings to the bed and got in with her. Dominique, being slightly taller, wrapped an arm around the chest of the lingerie wearing boy and gently guided his hand back down to her knickers. She guided them in a rubbing motion and then took her own hand and ran it under the fake breasts. She gently pinched at them with each hand and made them more sensitive whilst Alex’s hand continued rubbing. His middle finger pushed the material aside and slid inside. A quiet gasp escaped and Madame Kenoux started kissing at Alex’s neck. Various red lipstick marks began to appear. The single finger inside her found her spot and as it gently rubbed around spasms of pleasure shot through Madame’s body. She pulsed into him making the finger go deeper and cause more arousal.

They stayed like this for a while with Alex’s nipples getting more and more sensitive and Madame having orgasm after orgasm. When they were finished Madame pulled Alex onto his back and smiled as she straddled his chest, just beneath the breasts. She kissed him on each cheek and then once more, lightly, on the lips. “Now all of this wasn’t just fun and games for me. I wanted to give you a gift. I can see by the state of your cock you have enjoyed this but what I’m about to show you will be new to you I’m sure!” She patted the bulge that was behind her and turned to admire it. It wasn’t a small cock, probably about six inches when fully erect but it was by no means big either. She kissed the tip through the cotton and slid her hand under to pick up the pre cum with her hand. It was on her first and second fingers. She held it to his nose saying “Smell that delicious juice. Do you like it?” Alex nodded. “Good girl. Then eat it.” With that, the fingers were forced into the sissy’s mouth and were sucked clean with a great deal of enthusiasm. “Now for your gift!” Alex had thought that was his gift! He’d experimented with cum eating but had only ever had a whole load once but wanted to take it further.

Madame pulled of her gown to reveal her own, similar set of lingerie and undid her bra, letting her huge breasts fall free. They bounced slightly as Dominique leaned forward and kissed the cum layered lips. “Tastes like sissy juice. I do love a nice sissy! Now the nipple play earlier turned you on I’m sure but it was for a reason. I made them VERY sensitive which means when these forms are played with, they will feel like real boobs to you. Here let me show you.” She took her hands and gently caressed the plastic form’s. Alex suddenly shuddered. The feeling was like never ever experienced. It was like a miniature orgasm every time she squeezed at them or pushed them into him. Dominique slid down her knickers and was now naked as she lowered herself to the sissy’s cotton covered cock. She steered Alex’s hands to the forms and allowed him to start doing it himself.

She pulled down his knickers and slid his hard cock inside her soaking wet hole. She started bouncing watching this man in women’s sexy lingerie playing with two very sensitive nipples. She bounced up and down and started riding him like a toy. Alex moaned and groaned as he was brought close for the first time. As cum squirting was imminent, Dominique grabbed a wine glass and slid up and started working the dick with her hands. The combination of the nipple ecstasy and feeling his cock inside someone for the first time had greatly quickened the process. Using her hand, she angled his tip down and made him squirt the biggest load into the glass. After a brief recovery, he looked up, somewhat confused.

“Don’t worry, all will become apparent!” She went to lick the top of his head and as he gasped in anticipation she pulled away and planted a huge kiss on his cheek leaving a perfect lip mark. “For now, just hold me and sleep.” She lay down next to him, pulled up the covers and snuggled against the heavily breathing sissy. After a while they both fell asleep after a night of many orgasms. Three hours earlier, Alex had been stood at the front door of this house fully clothed and ready for a cleaning position and now he was lying in bed, in lingerie, with a beautiful woman.

He woke the next morning with his lips locked with Madame Kenoux’s. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed and played for a while. As Alex started to get very aroused, he noticed his penis was straining against something. Under the covers he looked and saw his little limp cock was caged in pink plastic. “That’s just to make sure you don’t get overly excited. Don’t worry I’ll let you cum on a regular basis! I wouldn’t deprive you of that!” She kissed him again. “Time to get dressed I think! You can keep that lingerie on but I’m going to give you a uniform to wear.” She walked out of the room and signalled Alex to follow. They ended up on the second floor in a room that was effectively a huge wardrobe. The racks were filled with bright pink and red dresses, shoes along the bottom, silky dresses, gowns and so much more.

Dominique wandered over to a rack towards the back of the room and pulled out a black maid’s uniform. It had white frills around the hem and neck line. There was a white apron that went with it and a black fur head band. Madame then knelt down, her still bare breasts bouncing lightly, and picked out a pair of heels that were similar to hers. There were ankle clasps on them that had small padlocks connected.

She slid the dress over Alex’s head and arranged the shoulder straps just hanging slightly. The heels were slid on and Madame locked the ankle straps, ensuring her new toy would obey. She stepped back and observed her handy work. Excluding the face, it looked almost as if Alex was a sexy woman. They then travelled through a cupboard door at the side into another room that looked like a dressing room from a Hollywood film. There was a big mirror that had light bulbs around the side. Shelves and shelves of makeup were on either side and a comfy red leather chair was in front of the mirror. Madame gently led Alex to the chair and began doing his, well almost her, makeup. First came a very light foundation that worked well with the young man’s skin. After that, she worked on the eyes with some mascara and then some eye shadow. Eye-liner was next; all of this was either black or a bright pink, which gave a nice frame to his eyes. A little blusher was added which brought attention to his pretty little cheek bones. Finally, lips were the focus. Before she even started on them she straddled his lap and gave him a quick kiss, licking his lips afterwards sending tingles down his spine. She put a pretty bright pink lipstick on him and then topped it off with a small amount of gloss to perfect the made up face.

Madame wondered a moment and then left the room, commanding the sissy maid to wait patiently. Whilst she was gone Alex could feel the sissy stick straining against the plastic cage. He’d never wanted to jack it so much in his life. He waited for what felt like hours until Madame returned with a black wig. It was flared at the bottom but curved around above to frame his face nicely. She put it on and positioned it until satisfied. When he looked in the mirror, Alex couldn’t believe how girly he looked. It was as if Alex didn’t exist now and all that was left was a shell of a sissy waiting to be taught.

“Alex is far too masculine name for a sissy like you. How about Alectra? Yes, that suits you. Alectra, would you be a doll and walk a little so I can see the new you?” Alectra obliged and did a sexy cat walk for her new mistress. “Very sexy! You look almost as hot as I do!” the sissy came back and knelt submissively at the feet of Madame who was now sat in the leather chair. “There are many jobs I am going to get you to do for me. The tasks will range from picking out outfits with me and modelling clothes and costumes to pleasuring me with your tongue and giving me a massage if I’m tired. But first, I think you’ve been so good and you look so lovely, I’m going to unlock your cock and I want you to milk it for me. Really work that sissy stick for me.” They walked back to the bedroom from earlier and Madame sat Alectra down before unlocking the cage.

“Good girl. Now take a hand and lick it.” Alectra did as she was told and the little dick sprang to life as Madame Kenoux pushed her breasts together and breathed heavily against the tip. The moist hand was taken and wrapped around the base and started squeezing and moving up and down. Madame took her own hand, sat next to her new toy, and slid a hand to her own clit and started rubbing.

The sissy had never masturbated like this before. The breast forms bouncing as she thrust the cock into her hand whilst feeling the lace of the dress and the tight fit of the apron drove her crazy but the lubricated hand meant she would last longer.

Dominique kept spitting on the clitty so that it stayed smooth. This meant that she was able to reach climax several times before she saw Alectra getting close. Madame pulled the fingers causing her pleasure from her pussy and forced them inside Alectra’s mouth. With her other hand she pulled the glass with cum still in it from under the bed. Like the night before, the head was angled at the glass and another huge load was added. “Now before I lock you back up again, I want you to cum again. Quicker this time! GO!” Alectra eagerly started rubbing it again quicker and faster than last time. She was getting very close very quickly when Madame Kenoux pushed her back and sat just beneath her breasts so that she could pin her arms down. “Now before you cum, you’re going to drink this.” She held up the glass with the sissy cum in it. “Do you want to cum?” A vigorous nod. The glass was put to her lips and the cum poured into her waiting mouth. “Don’t swallow it yet! Savour the taste of your own juice. Now carry on jerking it.” With cum on her lips and in her mouth, Alectra continued to smack her cock head to balls. She was close again and Madame Kenoux pushed the stockinged legs up above her so that the sissy stick was in the sissy face. “Now when I get to one, you’re going to Jizz all over your own face. Three, two, one CUM!” The sissy milked the stick and sprayed the juice all over her own face. “Now swallow that milk in your mouth. Good sissy!” The taste was warm but very bitter. Alectra loved it though, she had no idea why, but she did. “Now lie down and leave that facial you’ve got for about ten minutes. Then we’ll have a movie day. I’ve been longing for a girlfriend to watch these chick flick films with!”

That’s how the days went for the first couple of weeks. The two of them would wake up and Alectra would bring Madame Kenoux to orgasm with the sissy mouth. Then she would be made to model different outfits. The uniforms were all sorts of colours from Red to black to purple. Then came the milking where Alectra shot a load into her mouth and drank it down like a little puppy. Each day she got better with aim and less was on her cheeks and more in her mouth. Then they would spend the afternoon watching films, doing hair or learning how to do nails properly.

The cleaning crew came once a week and was made up of mostly muscly men and a couple of very attractive women. They worked the house thoroughly and Alectra was tasked with tending to their food and drink requests. She received the occasional grope from the men and the odd gentle stroke on the bottom from the women.

One day Dominique was painting Alectra’s nails when the woman in charge of the cleaning crew came in and explained that there was a blizzard just hitting and they weren’t even able to get down the drive. Madame told her that they could stay in the guest quarters as long as they needed to. When she had been thanked and they were left alone Madame turned to Alectra “I have a brilliant idea! Wait here.” She skipped out the room and came back ten minutes later with four members of the cleaning crew. Two men and two women. “Come over here and kneel at their feet.”

Alectra was wearing a red mini-dress today. It had cotton and latex stripes but no straps, so the breast forms had increased in size to hold the dress up. The black wig was still in place but now pulled back in a pony-tail like her mistress’ because she wanted to try and be as beautiful as her. The four cleaners were all stripping off now as well. Alectra looked a little scared but Madame soon crouched next to her and whispered “It’s ok; this is what you’ve always wanted. Make me proud Alectra.” And with that suddenly there were four huge cocks around her head. The two women were actually shemales and both had bigger dicks than the men. The smallest was six inches flaccid but as soon as they started working them they all grew to at least eight inches long.

The first shemale was blonde and very tanned. She ran her hands through the sissy’s hair and started pulling her towards the waiting cock. The vein running down the side and the pre-cum already forming was very different to the usual dildo’s Madame had trained him on. The Goddess with the gorgeous cock guided the sissy lips around the head and then deeper almost to the base. Alectra had trained on various lengths and Madame had managed to get rid of the gag reflex which allowed her to take all ten inches of this cock without a problem. The juice was already being massaged into her throat.

Her dainty hand was taken by one of the men. He had a perfect physique, like a man from a magazine and he started her working up and down his shaft. Alectra took over and started playing with the balls as well. The other man who was less muscular but when she looked up from the cock she saw he was absolutely gorgeous. She gladly started working both man-cocks with her hands whilst running her tongue up and down the shaft of the she-cock all the way to the smooth hairless balls. Alectra had started to get really into this slutty position and at this point was now sucking on each ball and loving it.

The shemale behind her was more feminine in body than the blonde one and not as tanned. The breasts were bigger and the cock about an inch shorter. She knelt behind Alectra and started fondling the breasts through the latex strip around them. The hard cock could be felt through the bottom of the dress and the strong hands of the Brunette amazon slid the bottom of the dress up. She too rubbed the heads of the man-cocks and lubricated her own hard cock with their pre-cum. The tip slid inside the sissy’s ass to start with but was pulled out and then replaced as if to tease the slut. Eventually the cock was in to the base and the sissy ass was getting pounded.

Alectra’s pretty red nails had little flower details on them and they clinked together as her silky smooth hands worked the real man dicks. She continued to suck at the other shemale cock whilst she bounced up and down on the other cock. She had kept them all going for about thirty minutes now but kept teasing them further and further on.

Madame Kenoux had been sat in an armchair watching the events unfold and had resisted the urge to touch herself because she wanted to keep some respect with her cleaning staff. Besides, the video camera that was recording the whole event would provide countless hours of stimulation. She walked up behind her sissy, over the shemale who was thrusting into her ass, and gave a sharp tug on her pony tail so that the cocks slipped from her lips and dangled in front of her. “They’re all going to cum soon and I want you to be a good little pet and let them spunk all over your face.” She released her head and stepped back.

The ass pounding shemale eased out of the sissy hole and stood. She started stroking like the other three and they were all now stood in front of her. To think three weeks ago, Alex was knocking on this door expecting to be cleaning and now she was dressed in a sexy dress, four cocks in her face and craving the taste of the cum she was about to be rewarded.

The muscle man was the first to finish off. He shot a massive load directly into her mouth filling Alectra with the taste of sweet, sweet jizz. She didn’t swallow yet, she knew better than that, and waited as the second man finished off, leaving a little strand on her lips but mostly topping up her mouth. They both got dressed and just walked out. They were finished with the whore for now.

The shemales lasted a few minutes extra and watched as Alectra sat on her heels with a mouth full of cum waiting to be used some more. The strand of cum on her lip dripped onto the floor as the blonde shemale jerked her load into the mouth. Unlike the men, she knelt down and kissed each cheek and stuck her tongue down the cum-filled mouth. When she pulled out there was a little cum on the end and she smeared it all over the perfectly made up face.

The final shemale was all that remained. She flicked her hair to the side and rubbed the head of her cock on her cheeks, leaving a web of cum across Alectra’s face. Alectra had a proper look at the whole shape of the shemale. The balls seemed very large and full. When the final cum-shot erupted over her face, it looked like Alectra had just squirted moisturiser over herself. The biggest load she had ever seen was now coating her face. The shemale gave a little squeeze at the caged sissy clit and then walked out laughing.

Dominique walked over to the cum soaked sissy “Good girl! Now smile for the camera!” a few still photos were taken. “Now drink down those huge loads for me!” Alectra obliged lovingly and gulped down every drop in her mouth. Dominique smiled and then rubbed in the cum of the final blast across all of her face until it covered every inch of her face. “You’re going to wear that as a badge of sluttiness for the rest of the day my little cum-whore. That’s just the beginning; there are seventeen cleaners all with big eager cocks waiting for your mouth.” Dominique went to the door and flashed a wicked grin at Alectra.

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Chemical fetish and sensation play

Many of you have asked, what is chemical play or chemical fetish...so I've given Sissy Claire a task to write a short explanation on what I do as chemical and sensation play with my servants. This is just a short introduction to the fetish, explaining the different aspects and ways to enjoy. As with any fetish, there are as many ways to play this as there are players!

Chemical Fetish is based on the idea of putting a sub through various sensations. They can be induced through various methods like Sensation Play, Food Play and Chemical Play. When all these different kinks are brought together they produce the Chemical Fetish.

Sensation play is used by many couples in a way that wouldn’t be considered a form of BDSM as they use everyday items like scarves or ice. These sorts of items can inhibit a frequently used sense or engage a sense that is not often felt. A scarf could be used as a blind fold and the ice could be used to make nipples more sensitive. These are both fairly normal uses but there are much kinkier aspects of sensation play.

Despite spanking and caning being their own fetish, the action causes a throbbing sensation where contact has hit and that gives a great deal of pleasure to some people. In a similar vein, biting and scratching cause two unique sensations which are frequently used to “torture” subs. The induction of these sensations is usually accompanied by the dominant Goddess mocking the slave for their complete submission.

Food play does is more common than some might think. The idea of feeding a Dominant woman strawberries is a gentle type of food play. Many (more experienced) people like to be drenched in a liquid food such as custard, cream or melted chocolate. It gives a sensation that is unique to each individual and stimulates the release of hormones. This is how food play ties into sensation play as the food can cause an on set effect to cause the sensations.

An obvious use of Food in a fetish manner is insertion and penetration. Some foods like ice lolly’s can be inserted into the anus or vagina. These give a sensation throughout the entire body which makes it an excellent form of torture. Other insertable’s include any phallic fruit or vegetable such as a cucumber or a banana. Penetration foods are objects that a penis can be thrust into such as a ring doughnut or pineapple slices which give the sensation of sex or masturbation.

The final aspect is Chemical play. This can involve food such as spicy sauces or chilli’s to invoke a painful feeling in the anus or urethra. The whole purpose of this is to completely submit your body to your Goddess because you are letting them put you through a very large amount of pain. A regularly used food is the Cayenne pepper which is used to make a very spicy sauce.

Other Chemical Play involved lotions and creams. Icy-hot is a lotion used to relive joint pains, but when inserted into the urethra it can cause a lot of pain and pleasure to a true submissive slave. Other common lotions involve deep heat and Tiger Balm which cause similar effects as Icy-hot.

To conclude, a Chemical Fetish can be comprised of three different forms of play; food, chemical and sensation. When used individually these fetishes provide an excellent method of dominating and stimulating a slave but when you combine them all they provide a truly unique experience for both Domme and Sub.

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Sissy Story "Superior Research"

Another kinky and filthy sissy story written by my young sissy slut Claire!

"Superior Research" by Sissy Claire

“Hi there sir, welcome to Superior Research. What study are you here for?” The receptionist was a tall woman, very long legs clad in sheer tights. The black pencil skirt hugged her figure nicely and the matching blazer gave her a look of dominance.

“Umm, one moment, my form is just here.” Will had seen the study advertised in a paper and had called in straight away. There were a few requirements like you had to be single, family either not in this country or deceased and the study lasted six weeks so you had to be available to stay in the clinic the whole length of time. The article had seemed cold and a little abrupt with the whole family thing but Will really needed the money. From his back pocket he produced a form that had his reference number on it and handed it to the woman at the desk.

“Ah yes! The gender studies test was it?” Will nodded and she smiled “Just step in to the lift, I control where you go from here” She indicated to a control panel with a lot of confusing buttons and switches. As Will walked away, the woman at the desk said almost in a whisper “See you soon Miss Prédat.” He just dismissed it as a mishearing on his part and proceeded to the lift.

He stepped in and admired its ornateness. There was a mirror on one wall, the floor was an expensive marble and the other two walls and velvet padding for comfort. He lent against the left wall and felt the lift slowly gain altitude. It stopped after about 2 minutes. He looked up and saw he was on sixty fourth floor of the building.

Superior Research was a company dedicated to understanding the human mind. They were based out of London but had laboratories in Edinburgh, Cornwall and Birmingham. They were the world’s leading firm in understanding anything and everything about the way the mind worked. The clinical trial William Prédat had signed up for was something to do with attitudes to gender. He hadn’t really read the whole document they had sent him but they just needed him to look at some behaviour alteration videos and monitor his response. How hard could it be?

He stepped out into a smaller version of the reception downstairs. At the desk a woman sat typing busily at a computer. She was shorter than the other receptionist but broader. Not fat in any stretch of the imagination but muscular and well built. She had dark skin which went very well with the shiny straight black hair that cascaded down past her shoulders. Her bosom was full and very noticeable with the help of a push up bra.

She glanced up as Will stepped up to the counter. “You must be Will, yes? I’m Tara, I’m Doctor Aue’s assistant.” She smiled at him and stood up from the desk, walking around the side of the table. She was just up to Will’s ear. He wasn’t a muscular man but he had run marathons for charity and tried to keep in shape. “This will be your room until we settle you in to the program. That’s your bed, there’s an en suite just there and dinner is served at 18:30. Any questions?” She asked sweetly.

“Just one, I was told I wouldn’t need clothes or toiletries. But I don’t see a cupboard.” He said looking around.

“This is only for one night. You’ll be given some bed clothes this evening and then tomorrow you’ll be taken to a fully stocked room for the next six weeks. Doctor Aue will be here in about 20 minutes but until then, make yourself at home! I’m about to make some coffee if you’d like some?” Tara offered.

“Yes that would be lovely please. Black no sugar.” He nodded his thanks and turned to the room. It had a simple single bed in it. No pictures or decoration, just white walls, white sheets with a pale blue duvet cover. He sat in the chair over-looking the city and kicked off his boots.

Tara returned a few minutes later with his coffee. He sat sipping at it staring out at the Shard in the near distance.

He put the cup on the plain coffee table and turned to see a stunning woman in the doorway. He legs were tanned and smooth. He followed them up to a beautiful pair of hips that formed her perfect hour-glass shape. Her breasts were natural and accented by her bra that was a size to small. She wore a tight, black skirt and a white blouse with a few too many buttons undone. Her hair was a hazel brown and her eyes an emerald green that was almost hypnotic.

“Hey Will I’m Doctor Aue but you can just call me Kayleigh. I’m the observing doctor for the study so if you have any problems just ask me!” She smiled and tilted her head slightly. “To start with, I’m going to do a few simple procedures; a body physical, blood tests, enema, nothing too unusual.”

Will thought the enema was a bit odd, but then thought of the six figure pay at the end of the six weeks. A digit for each of the weeks he was giving up. He nodded slowly “That’s all fine Doc.”

Tara stepped forward with a small plastic cup with a collection of colourful pills in it. “This is the first batch of meds that you need to take” Kayleigh said scribbling some notes onto a clipboard and nodding at the collection. “These are just for a base line and after this you won’t need to take anymore pills, they’ll be injections. So once you’ve taken those, if you could step into this gown, I’ll be back in a little while to start the tests!” She hugged the clipboard and exited.

He took the remainder of his coffee and took the pills. Suddenly a smile spread across Tara’s face and she hurried out the door. He felt a little light headed after a few minutes but could walk around and see perfectly fine. He put the gown on. It wasn’t like most hospital gowns (the itchy uncomfortable material) but instead it was a pastille pink and made of some kind of silk or satin.

After a little time, Tara came back and took a few blood samples, checked his blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. When she seemed satisfied that all was well she gave him an endearing pat on the cheek and then he stared as he watched that tight black bottom wiggle out the door.

Doctor Aue came back in afterwards with a box labelled ENEMA on the side. “Have you ever had an enema before Will?” She asked retrieving a tube and bag. All he could do was shake his head because he was so nervous. “Relax sweetie! It doesn’t hurt, you might get a few cramps but it won’t hurt. Honest! Some men actually enjoy it.”

She hooked it up next to the bed and positioned him so his ass was in the air and his head was resting on the pillow. The water began to flow into him and he could feel the warmth filling him up. To start with the feeling was uncomfortable but after a while he did enjoy it a little. It felt like a presence was filling him, helping him feel things that he hadn’t before.

After a while he suddenly felt two soft hands on his cheeks that started to sway him from side to side causing the water to slosh around inside him. This started to cause the cramps and Will started wincing and moaning slightly. Behind him Doctor Aue bit her lower lip and the sides of her mouth curved into a smile.

Eventually Kayleigh removed the tube but ordered Will to keep his cheeks clenched to keep the water in. She led him to the en suite and sat him on the toilet so that he could let the full load flow out of him.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?” She cooed, holding his chin. She smiled and left him to get comfortable again. He lay in the bed in his satin gown trying to justify his arousal from the enema on the gorgeous doctor that was performing it. She was a very attractive woman.

Tara returned to put in a drip and explained that all the nutrients and minerals that he would need would be administered by solution from now on so they wouldn’t have to worry about food when the study got into full swing and every second counted. He didn’t eat much anyway and wasn’t a big foodie so he wasn’t too bothered by that. And of course the six figures.

It was evening before he was visited again. Both doctor and assistant came in to say that they were finished for the evening. They told him they had to give him a sedative so that his sleep would be deep enough for the drugs to take effect and that they would start the first stages of the test tomorrow morning at 9:00. He’d be woken and as he’d still be drowsy Tara would help him wash so that he would be fresh and ready.

He drifted off to a very deep sleep and as promised was woken early to help get washed. His body was a little limp but with Tara’s help he was able to disrobe and get in the bath. The nurse poured in sweet smelling soaps and bubble baths so that he would smell a bit nicer than just normal deodorant. After a nice soak, she helped him get up and step back into the silk.

When Doctor Aue walked in, he was just sitting in the chair again. “Something smells lovely in here.” She said, looking around the room. “So this is how it works; in the mornings we will give you a procedure and in the afternoon we’ll test its effects. The procedure is non-invasive so won’t do any harm to your body. Occasionally we might get the Goddess come down to see us, that’s what we call Doctor Oldbrook who is the founder of the company, She’s taken a personal interest in this study of ours and we hope to yield the results she wants. So if you’d like to follow me we can get started!” She smiled enthusiastically and walked out of the room.

Not knowing what else to do he followed suit and walked out with her. She gave him a sort of tour of the facilities that they had available to them here. There was the newbie room where they had just come from and the reception obviously. Next to those was what was soon to be his quarters, the ‘subjects’ room, after that the conditioning suite and then a few rooms on the other side of the floor for general testing depending on what needed to be done.

They stepped into the Conditioning Suite. Will was amazed and the level of technology in here. Behind a screen stood four computers, some measuring apparatus, control panels and things that he had never seen before.

“So if you follow me through to here and take a seat, I’ll tell you how this works.” She sat him in the chair and secured some wrist restraints and ankle restraints. “These are just to make sure you don’t move and knock the leads around. A few wires were attached to his forehead and chest. “These monitor brain activity and heart rate. The screen there is going to flash up with different images and this headset will have mine or Tara’s voice coming through it. This is a drug that will take you into a reduced state of awareness and will hopefully make the process a lot faster and more effective. You’ll be like this for a few hours but it will feel like minutes for you once the drug kicks in. Are you ready?”

Will nervously nodded and placed the headset over his ears. Kayleigh and Tara went into the control room after administering the syringe and waited a few moments for its effects to begin. When he was visibly on the right state, they started a slide show of pictures that rotated every tenth of a second. The first set of images was of beautiful women in pretty clothes like dresses and gowns. Through the headset came Kayleigh’s voice saying that the women were so beautiful and looked so happy in their pretty clothes. There were around two thousand photos like this and Kayleigh continued to talk about how happy the pretty clothes made the girls.

Next came a set of women with their husbands, boyfriends and partners. This time Tara started speaking about how the muscular strong men made the women happy, like the pretty clothes did, and how they all loved being with their man. The pictures cycled and the commentary continued, detailing aspects of relationships that real men found appealing such as an active sex-life, someone that likes to please them, someone who can cook and clean, that sort of thing.

The third batch had muscular alpha-males, like the ones from batch 2 but without the women. Kayleigh was back on the microphone talking about how the men were very attractive and the muscular bodies meant that inferior men had to submit to them and do as they said. She commented in detail on the form of their pectoral muscles and the clear definitions on their abdomen. The next batch went with the last and was pictures of men in underwear with very obvious erections. Kayleigh stayed talking about how the bigger a man’s cock was, the more respect he deserved and that size really did matter.

Then came a collection of photos of men with tiny little dicks. Tara took over with the speech and explained that little dicks didn’t deserve any sort of recognition. The pictures began to feature chastity devices at this point. She went on to say that they deserve to be locked up by a dominant woman and only be milked as a reward.

The pictures changed once more and there were now a few hundred photos of sexy women, naked who had at least two cocks next to their face and cum all over their cheeks. Kayleigh came back for this final section. “This is what inferior men should do. Be sluts and whores for real men. They have to do the best they can to look like cheap women and allow themselves to be used by any strong man around. This will be you eventually. You will start to love all things feminine and want to be a woman. You’ll dress up like a little girl and do anything a woman says and anything a man wants.”

This whole process was repeated a few times over the four hour session. The girls took it in turns speaking and Will just sat there unaware of what was going on. On the final session, the screen went black and all that was left was Doctor Aue’s voice. “You will learn to love all that you have been taught. You will be a cock-obsessed sissy and you will love it. You are not a man anymore. Your name is not Will. You are now Carrie-Anne.” And with that, the audio and screens were cut, the lights in the room were brought up slightly and the two women shared a look of achievement as they relaxed in their chairs.

It took a few minutes for Will to come to. When he did, he was lying in a bed in the room opposite the conditioning suite. He was in a gown made of the same material as the last but this one was pulled over, not tied up at the back. “Is the procedure over Doc?” He asked in a wheezy voice.

“That’s it, now we just have to ask a few questions and then you’ll pick you room for the rest of the trial. First of all, what is your sexual orientation?” She held a clipboard and pen ready to scribble dow the answer.

“I’m bi-sexual.” He said instantly.

“Excellent. Would you classify yourself as a dominant man, a submissive man or does it depend on the situation?”

“Submissive to everyone.” Another instant reply as Doctor and nurse shared a look.

“Perfect. Have you ever had sex?” Kayleigh thought she knew the answer to this one already.


“OK then. What would be your ideal partner?” She asked, less sure of this answer.

His reply was instant again “Either a beautiful dominant woman who I would do anything for or a big strong man with a huge cock for me to suck.”

“Perfect. And last but not least, what is your name?” an evil smile crept onto the Doctor’s face.

“I’m Carrie-Anne.” Came the answer in a feminine voice.

“You are by far the best test subject yet! Can we do anything for you before we let you choose you room Carrie-Anne?” Tara asked.

“Yes please Miss. I need something to lock this little prick-dick up in. It doesn’t deserve to be on display like this.” Carrie-Anne hoisted up her gown to reveal a hairless limpdick. Without a second to waste, Doctor Aue had a chastity cage for the newsissy. “Thank you Mistress. That’s much better!” the sissy admired her caged cock for a few moments.

“Let’s get you to your room then!” They led Will to a new room that was decorated like a teenage girls. There were posters of topless men on the walls, pink flower patterns on the walls and a black and purple duvet was on the bed. There was a fluffy neon pink rug on the floor, a mirror and dressing table filled with make-up and beauty products.

“Oh my! This is so much nicer than my other room! It’s just so me!” She skipped into the room and ran her fingers through the fur rug.

“We’ll leave you to examine your new room then Carrie-Anne.” The two exited the room and thought they had earned themselves a coffee so went and sat to discuss the mornings events. “I never thought it would be so effective!” Cried Tara. “Just by adding a female voice! It worked!” They had been trying to get results like that for years now but only ever made a slightly submissive man. This was something else though! This was like magic! A woman inside a man’s body.

“So the switch is all in place and ready when we want?” Tara asked.

Doctor Aue nodded and said they should probably get back to their little pet. They’d been gone for thirty minutes tops and what they saw when they got back was not what either of them expected. All trace of the man they had left was gone. Will, or Carrie-Anne as she was to be known now, had investigated the cupboards and picked out a beautiful bright red dress covered in frills and lace. The short brown hair had been covered with a red wig that was cut into a bob which did a brilliant job of framing the perfectly made up face. She wore red net stockings to match the dress and had locked herself inside a pair of red patent leather heels.

When the two ladies entered, the sissy knelt on the rug and said in a near perfect female voice “Hello Mistresses, how can I service you today?”

Tara’s jaw dropped and Kayleigh had to do a double take. They had never anticipated the procedure would be this effective. Aue came back to her senses and sternly said “Yes. Stay there on your knees and wait. Don’t say a word.” Carrie-Anne nodded and a grin spread across her face.

Tara turned to her boss with a look of confusion. “The subject is showing week six symptoms Doctor! This wasn’t supposed to happen! What do we do?”

Doctor Aue just smiled and said “Doctor Oldbrook expects a report at the end of the day on the first session and we aren’t going to lie at all. We’ll tell her everything. But first we are going to test the bounds and have a little fun. Get the week five project ready nurse.”

They both knew exactly what to do. Tara went to her little office and stripped down to her lingerie. Kayleigh went into her bigger office and did the same but also put her brand-new strap-on on and tightened the clasps. She slid the inside section inside her pussy so she’d get a little pleasure from the next step.

They rendezvoused at the entrance to the bedroom and both entered at the same time. Kayleigh spoke first “You get the honour of taking two cocks today sissy. This pretty pink one here...” She started stroking the dildo “...and this beautiful big black one.” She pulled down Tara’s sex black knickers to reveal a huge black cock. With her other hand she started rubbing the pre-cum that had begun to emerge from Tara over the rest of her cock. “Because I’m such a kind Mistress, you get to choose which cock goes where!”

“That’s an easy one Mistress! I want that big black cock in my mouth so I can taste the delicious cum from inside it! I love the taste of cum!” She dutifully leant over the bed, lowered the panties she was wearing and dutifully presented her sissy hole for use. Yet another smile was shared between the two women and they both got into position.

Kayleigh got the head of the rubber cock inside her ass and felt it push a little inside her which gave her a little tingle. She was going to fuck this slut VERY hard so that she could reach orgasm. Tara sat on the bed in front of Carrie-Anne’s waiting mouth and had her thighs either side of her face.

A nod was exchanged and both of them entered her at the same time and expected a groan of pain but instead they got a high pitched moan of pleasure. The plastic balls hit her ass and she started bouncing on it when they thought she’d be squirming from it. She licked at the head of the black cock in her face and worked the shaft with her hands. The pre-cum coated her bright red lips that were all glossy, now with a white shine as well.

Kayleigh started thrusting harder and harder into the tight, virgin sissy ass and kept going as Carrie-Anne bounced up and down on it. She continued the moan with pleasure as she was filled from both ends.

She took a finger and ran it up the vein of Tara’s cock to the tip and then suddenly took the whole thing in her mouth. Tara could feel the head blocking Carrie-Anne’s throat but didn’t see a reaction in her. The mouth of the sissy worked faster after that and very soon Tara was close to cumming. “Fuck! Kayleigh, this slut is really good at this; I’m a few strokes away from heaven!” She practically screamed.

Doc Aue grabbed a fist of the bob and pulled it backwards, yanking the sissy away from the cock that she was sucking on like an ice lolly. She tried to use her tongue to reach it but couldn’t quite get there. “You really do love cock don’t you?! Well you can’t make Tara cum until I’m there too. We’re going to share this moment.”

Tara leaned up saying “If your mouth touches my cock without permission, you’re going to get such a spanking.” She leaned forwards and rested the pre-cum covered dick on Carrie-Anne’s forehead and took Doctor Aue into a deep long kiss. They tongued for a while as Kayleigh came closer and closer to orgasm.

Eventually, her body started to go into the spasms indicating pure pleasure was en route. “Oh god!” She cried. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Here I cum!” Tara placed her still fully erect cock back into the mouth and face fucked the sissy until she was on the verge of spraying her juice. With almost split second timing, both women reached climax at the same time. Kayleigh collapsed gently onto the back of their toy whilst Tara pulled out at the last second and sprayed her load all over the face.

“You are both such kind Mistresses! Thank you Mistress Kayleigh for pushing my little sissy button inside my little sissy hole and thank you Mistress Tara for spraying me with your sweet jizz! With your permission, I would very much like to eat it!” SissyCarrie-Anne beamed.

Tara was about to say yes and treat her like a little puppy but Kayleigh stopped her. “No. Not yet, I want to see that cum dripping down your sissy face and dripping across your perky sexy lips. Tara, I think it’s time Doctor Oldbrook saw our progress.”

As Tara walked out the door with a little cum still dripping from her cock, Kayleigh turned her attention to the sissy. Each part of the dress she was wearing that had a body part go through it (head and arms) had a cuff and collar that would lock the subject inside the dress so she went over and padlocked her inside the dress just like she was padlocked into her shoes. So even if she wanted to get out, which in this state was never going to happen, she wouldn’t be able to.

After a few minutes, the lift dinged and high heels could be heard coming towards the room. Kayleigh quickly whispered to Carrie-Anne “If you think of us as Mistresses, then this woman is a Goddess! Do you understand slut?”

“Yes Mistress! Of course!” She snapped her head forward and stood with her arms at her sides, back straight, heels locked in and cum dripping of her face.

The high heels were led into the room by Tara who still had a hard cock. The heels were thigh high boots with a half inch platform and 6 inch heels. The woman was wearing tan riding trousers and a silken white blouse. He black hair was tied back in a tight pony tail. Her face was lightly made up with a little blusher and dark red lips. “It’s just like you said Tara. A completesissy. And you say the switch should be in place too?”

Kayleigh spoke up “Yes Doctor Oldbrook. We are ready to demonstrate it at your command.”

“Not yet. Tell me sissy, do you like the taste of cum?”

“Why yes ma’am! It’s my favourite thing ever!” Oldbrook stepped forward and collected the cum into the palm of her hand and made the sissy lick it out.

“Swallow it slut. NOW!” Carrie-Anne did as she was bid and gulped down the still warm juice happily. “OK Doctor Aue, you may continue with the switch.”

“Now Carrie-Anne, I’m going to count down from ten and when I reach zero you will remember everything you’ve done but be back to normal. Ten, nine, eight, seven, five…”

“I don’t understand Mistress! what do you mean back to normal?” She asked confused.

“Four, three, two, one and zero.” A moment passed where the sissy went into some sort of daze and then shook out her head. “Hey there Will! You locked yourself up real good!” The three women in the room burst into laughter as Will looked around confused and a little scared. But oddly, very horny.

Written by Sissy Claire in service of Goddess Veronica.

Wish to serve like sissy Claire does?

Email: goddessxveronica@gmail.com


Financial Domination - what is it all about?

I'm sure all of you have heard about Findom, financial domination and financial servitude, right? Most of you probably have some negative pre assumptions about it, even though you've never tried it. Some of you might even think it's not a legitimate fetish...but who are you to judge anyone else's fetish? Who defines what a person can find attractive?

Let me give you an example. I have slaves who like to eat shit. Yes. That's eating actual human feces and ENJOYING it. I don't like it, and I certainly don't have a fetish for it, but does it stop these people from having this fetish and eating shit? No, it does not. Can I judge them based on their interested in eating shit? No, I cannot. Are they any different than any other human being? No, they are not. And even if you tried your damnest to judge them and ridicule them for their shit eating fetish, would they stop doing it? No, they literally don't give a shit about your opinion!

So why waste time and energy hating or disapproving something you can do nothing about? Something that doesn't even concern you? That's my advice for people who say negative things about financial domination. Some subs are into it, some are not. Just like some eat shit, some don't. Some of us Dommes do financial domination, some don't. Everybody is free to do as they please and your opinion is not needed.

Have you ever wondered what financial domination really is? If it's a real fetish? If people really engage in it and enjoy it? Well, read this article here and maybe you will be educated on the matter.

Financial Domination is when people, usually experienced slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money and gifts to a Superior Goddess. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled by a Superior Female in any and every way possible. True financial domination means that the financial slave tributes money on his OWN FREE WILL without expecting anything in return. Often the Goddess humiliates the slave verbally while he tributes Her. The act of giving money to a Goddess is the fetish and brings the slave excitement, pleasure and satisfaction.

Many financial slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis, as well as buy their Superior Goddess gifts whenever told to or whenever they feel it necessary. Often a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Goddess' bill which he will pay faithfully every month for Her. Many financial slaves serve on monthly basis, they commit to giving a part of their monthly income to their Superior and this way get to be a part of their lives. The sub gets pleasure from knowing how the Goddess is spoiling herself with new things, clothes and shoes, or going out to expensive dinners or getting spa treatments with the cash they've tributed.

The financial slave desires for his Goddess to live like Royalty while he himself is often forced to make financial sacrifices. The financial slaves truly see their Goddess as a Superior Being and worships them as such.

There are many different names and terms for financial slaves: ATM slave, shopping slave, paypig, cash cow, human ATM, finsub...etc. Each of them is treated in their own special way and every financial slave is different, just like all subs are individuals. Financial fetish is a very real fetish and it's very close to Total Power Exchange.

Needless to say, I do financial domination, as well, among a wide array of other fetishes and kinks. I'm a shopaholic, that means I am addicted to shopping and I do get a real adrenaline rush from buying new things and spending money. Money itself can excite and arouse me, as well as things that represent financial wealth: expensive cars, jewellery, etc.

Right now I have an opening for an online financial slave, long term serving is preferred. Details of the financial domination contract will be discussed privately over Skype or Yahoo. As most of you know by now from reading my blog, I'm online daily, and spend a lot of time with my most loyal servants. My most important servants get to serve me on a very personal level.

If you are interested in talking this further, just email your application to: