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Testimonial from slut4leather

Another testimonial, this time from a well known European slave, that many of you might know from Twitter: slut4leather! If you don't know this slave, take a look at his webpage:

"Testimonial for the Superior Goddess Veronica

Although i’m not a slave of the Superior Goddess Veronica, it’s a great honour to write this for Her.

i’m owned by another Mistress, who allows me to have contact with other Mistresses, as long as i stay humble and polite.

i know the Superior Goddess Veronica for a long time. i might even say “since another life”.

W/we had great contact and supported each other in “times of trouble”. Now these times passed by, W/we still have contact. She is not my Mistress, but it’s great to speak to Her. She is clear abour Her place in life and mine. She is honest but yet strict.

The Superior Goddess Veronica is a true female supremacist. When you come to Her, she will get you into Her web. She will push your limits. It must be great serving Her. She is into humiliation, sissyfication, task slaves, pain sluts and more.

She is a great fetishist. Her collection of shoes is large. It’s great to spoil Her with a new pair of shoes or stockings.

She is a skilled professional dominatrix. She knows how to push your limits, She knows about privacy. The Superior Goddess is open minded, so within Her limits you can submit your fantasies to Her.

slave, when you are still looking for a skilled and strict Mistress to serve, a Mistress that will push your limits, a Mistress that will make you feel where your place in life is, it’s a good suggestion to contact the Superior Goddess Veronica and humbly ask Her what you can do for Her.


(Owned by Mistress FetishLiza)"


Story of sissy Jazmine part 4

The story of sissy slut Jazmine Dolly continues! We are on part 4 already!

Wish to be feminized and sissified like Jazmine by your Superior Goddess? Wish to serve me online like this slut does? Email your sissy slut application to:

Here's the part 4 of Jazmine's slutty adventures, written by Jazmine Dolly:

"After being discovered by my wife and her now encouraging jazmine to come out more i knew it seemed to good. We had a talk after a few days where she told me i had a choice either man up or shed have to get a real man. Going on to say she isn't a lesbo and me in drag is a turn off but if i cant stop shed understand. The freedom to wear panties and other femmy things had gone on for almost a week at that point. I had shaven all my body hair off even having my wife come into the bathroom while i was shaving my legs. Her saying you know you have to do it in the direction of the hair growth and you are sooo not using my razors anymore princess. She always just seemed uninterested but accepting. I just thought tomorrow id stop.

Lots of tomorrows went by and i actually bought MORE femme clothes. She didnt say anything at all about it but started going out really late with all her g.f.'s from work. The majority of them were younger and single. her getting home at 2 and 3am was becoming more and more common. . I was happy she was going out dancing and having a wonderful time and told her over and over. I while she was out always cleaned house then found my own "wonderful time" with online sissy sites. i woke when she got home one 4am morning i could smell strong alcohol on her. I got up to go to the bathroom to find her "fuck me" panties tossed on the top of the hamper. I picked them up to see that they were very moist. I smelled them as i always enjoyed her scent but this time I distinctly smelled the rubber scent of a condom. I knew at that point she was getting fucked by a REAL man. i grew worried at first but thought of her finally getting to feel like a real woman having a REAL man do her. i got soo excited i just continued to smell her panties thinking of her moaning "fuck me" i was happy for her and wishing it was me as i messed my own panties. 

From that point on i just gave into the realization its best for both of us. Im a sissy and can never please a women sexually. I celebrated my wife taking a lover by letting her sleep in and cooking her a nice breakfast and coffee in bed the next morning. I said that I was soo happy she had such a good time last night continuing to say it must have felt soo good! She said it was totally amazing i didnt know if id be able to make it home. We both knew i think what were were saying. She broke the conversation by saying "are those new stretch pants your wearing"? I said yes i got them at Kohls yesterday while you were out. She said they are soo cute I'm gonna borrow them so don't stain them. It all felt like two g.f.'s rooming together it was amazing!"


Ass training video

This is an ass training video submitted by one of my online servants. This guy is the lowest of the low, let me tell you. He works as a plumber, or so he says, and his IQ is lower than his shoe size. He's slow, like mentally retarded slow. He asks, no...he DEMANDS online sessions with webcam, but when I say when I'm available, he doesn't show up. Then he has the audacity to complain that he didn't get the session.

And one of his tasks was to provide an ass training video for me. I told him to use whatever he can find to train his ass. What does this guy do? He finds a carrot. Yes, you heard me: A CARROT. He sticks a carrot into his ass and thinks that's going to somehow impress me?

Well, slaves, this does NOT impress me at all. Nor does his fatty, sweaty ass, or his excessive body hair. This ass training video is a perfect example of what happens when a video task goes horribly wrong. Do not try this at home, sluts. Let this be a lesson for you.

Testimonial from a CBT slave

This is a testimonial from one of my online slaves, who's into CBT, ball busting and ball stretching

"For many years I’ve craved and desired to be dominated, abused and humiliated. For most of those years I was too scared or too nervous to do anything about it. I then made contact with a few Dominants who could supply all the things I felt I needed, but I just never felt a connection or happy with them and so resigned myself to nothing.  A few weeks ago, after the very strong urge to be submissive revived itself in me, I found Goddess Veronica.
I contacted her, made my first tribute and now Goddess Veronica owns me and is my dominant, my Goddess.  After just speaking with her for a little while I felt a connection that I have never had with any others.  I quickly got to work on my tasks and sent off the proof and am happy to say Goddess Veronica was pleased with my work.
Goddess Veronica has tasked me with some very painful and humiliating things,  I have taken humiliating pictures of myself,  pulled myself up with rope by my testicles and crushed my tiny loser cock in a vice for her, and she has made me pay for the privilege and I couldn’t be happier with her. I feel a sense of pride when I send her gift cards, proof of my tasks and other things she may ask for.  
I have finally found the Mistress in Goddess Veronica that I felt I have needed for so long and bowing down and serving Goddess Veronica is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I am faithfully obedient to Goddess Veronica and hope I will be working for her for a long time to come." Written by slave D.

Here are a few pictures of what the slave has done for me:


Humiliation junkie


A humiliation junkie slut to do all the most depraved shit I can think of! It gets sick, are you up for it? Must be able to send pics (don't have to show face, can be completely anonymous and discreet), webcam is a big plus! Task based training and abuse, online sessions and phone domination available, too. Online only, no RT spots available at the moment.

Get ready to be humiliated and abused, used and degraded for my entertainment and amusement!

Apply by email: