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Meet slave James

This is my new play toy slave James. You'll definitely be seeing a lot more of him in the future! Fancy serving me like this slave does?
Send your application to:
goddessxveronica@gmail.com and we'll talk about how you can serve your Superior Goddess!


Chastity slave's testimonial

Here's a new testimonial from my chastity slave, who's now been in chastity for 81 days. His new record!

Testimonial for Goddess Veronica written by Jaslavena

This is a testimonial from slave Jaslavena. Right now over half year behind continuous slavery. After June I have come only once and lived in the chastity belt. This slavery has changed me a lot. Numerous sessions with Goddess Veronica have change my thinking. Don’t think so much thinks and just do it.

Chastity is taking my nerves taken really bad. I have to say when my nerves are much tighter you have to think what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. For example my job. I have to admit that if I was not in the chastity I could handle the stress. Right now I have no job after new year. I have to say that I have thinked new job about one year. Now I am in that situation. I break my nervous at work and right now I am out of job. So chastity gave my courage to think my life.

Living in the slave is so cruel that so you really have to be positive and for me life changing is helping to survave. I am sure that I am broken many many ways.

In the summary slavery has given me so much courage to do thinks. I hope that I could develop myself more in the future, but I have to thak Goddess Veronica so many ways this period of slavery. It is not always been so simple because I go deep waters about month or two months ago. I have take my place again, but this is new my.