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Punished slave

One of my slave boys has been a misbehaving little bitch in the past week, and naturally I had to punish him for it. He stayed home from work one day to serve me all day long and did repetitive, menial tasks for me online, then wrote an apology letter, took some humiliating apology pictures, and so on. Not sure if I'm done with him yet...I might want to punish him some more, but before I do that, I wanted to show you all his apology letter and one of the pictures he sent. This is what happens to inferior worms who disobey their Leader!

"Dear Goddess Veronica.

In recent days, I've been a very bad slave. I have not been up to my place. I have not been a good little slave, good little worm who listens to his Goddess. I must apologize. I doubted myself and I shamed my goddess. I tried to reduce my tribute. I will begs My Goddess, pardon the poor little mindless slave I am. I'm just a little shameless whore. I have to stop thinking about my manclit and think about my goddess. My Goddess is the center of my life, I always think of her and not me and my comfort. My Goddess is the most important person in my life. What I want is to serve my Goddess, to be useful to his happiness. I have to entertain my Goddess. I have forgotten my doubts and take the time to do my job. I must not bring shame to my Goddess. I have to be a good little whore. I have forgotten my frustrations and think about the joy that I can give to my Goddess. I'm really sorry, I kneel before My Goddess and I begs for forgiveness. You will be a good little slut bitch in the future. I will learn to do my tasks diligently. You are my Goddess, you are the one who runs my life. You set the rules and I must follow them. I follow you, you are my guide, my light, you control my body and soul. Without you, I'm lost. I'm just a brainless slut, a soulless ass hole. Goddess, you give a reason for my life, a little pride in my slave state. I do not want to lose you, I can not lose you because without you I am lost! I begs you again, forgive me my trespasses. I'm just a stupid slave who thinks with his manclit, only you can guide me to a better life, allow me to be useful.

Please, my Goddess Veronica, forgive me. I do not want to shame you, do you shade. I'll be a good little slave. Your slave, your whore, your bitch, I'm what you'd like.


And here's one of this pics this lazy cum infested and limp manclit obsessed swine sent me:

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  1. This should serve as a warning to all subs to not disobey their Goddess, it will only end badly, and not for Goddess!