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Roasting a pig

Fridays are always busy days for us Dommes, a lot of you inferior sluts are busy during the week, but come Friday you start slacking off and wanking at work. And that's when you show up on my Skype or Yahoo begging for a session. And who am I to deny you the humiliation you so crave? Haha!

Today I roasted this fatty swine, who's been serving me for about 1,5 years now. He's an educated man and has a good job, but today he got bad news: he's going to be laid off. Times are rough, we all know that. And this little piggy knows that only one thing can save him from falling into deep depression: a humiliation session with his beloved Superior Goddess.

So he tributed generously like he always does, he is a good little piglet like that. Then we got on Skype and started to talk about his misfortunes, his tiny cock that he can't seem to get hard anymore, his recent mishaps at work and the latest set back: getting fired. I ridiculed and humiliated him, laughed at him, verbally abused him, described to him in brutal honesty all the little things that are so very wrong, so very twisted and fucked up in his pathetic life. And the brave little piglet listened to me, listened to my insults like the good little slut he is.

I enjoy humiliation and ridicule sessions immensely. If you ever want a humiliation session, I'm game. And this limp dick swine knows it very well. He pranced around in his new frilly lingerie for me, tried on his new sissy maid dress and I took screenshots of his humiliation. Screenshots like this:

You see, this humiliation junkie craves to be exposed. I'm sure you've seen him before and I'm equally sure that you'll be seeing a lot more of him. He's obsessed and addicted, he can't get enough of his Superior Goddess. He knows what he wants, and he knows how he can get it...my bending over and surrendering himself.

What about the tribute, you ask? Well, here's a picture of the tribute, too:

Piglet wants to makes sure his Goddess always has everything she wants, and right now she wants more sexy lingerie, stockings, shoes and sex toys! And that's exactly what I'm getting with this pig's money on Lovehoney right now!

There you go, a little peak into the life of the Superior Goddess. Want to know more? Apply to serve:



  1. What a perfect pig. Caring foe his goddess

  2. I hope I can one day be as submissive as this piggie!