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Testimonial from slave mart

This has to be one of the worst testimonials I've even seen...but I'm still going to publish it, so you can all see what a pathetic attempt in ass kissing this is. It's not even good ass kissing. This is guy is such a loser, whipped by his wife and can hardly keep up with his tasks. He sure is right about one thing: he is completely useless and deserves to be painfully punished like the little cock sucking slut he is.

Here's his sad excuse of a testimonial:

"In life, I'm a regular guy. I have a family, a quiet life. I'm a normal guy. But in reality, I am a depraved. I’m a slut. A worthless, pathetic loser who needs a cock in his ass.i’m nothing but a cum bucket. I’m just a sissy slut.

Goddess Veronica found really who i am. She was able to make me live my real life.

My dreamed life. I dream of being the whore in the toilet that sucks all the dicks there. I dream of being the maid, a little sissy maid. A cuckold in lingerie.

Goddess Veronica knows how to get the best out of myself. She knows that I am really and lets me live my dream.

Goddess Veronica is gorgeous. Goddess Veronica is an exceptional being. Goddess Veronica is extraordinary. I can not live without her. Being his slave is an honor. Goddess Veronica is the greatest of the goddesses. I wish I could be his bitch and whore all my life. Goddess Veronica is wonderful and marvelous.

slave mart paradis from Quebec, Canada"

And he's a picture of slave mart. See the cuts he made when he tried to shave his nasty, sweaty pubes? I'm going to tell him to rub some Tabasco sauce in those cuts. This little swine is going to learn the meaning of true pain very soon. Fried piggy, anyone?

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  1. Is he referring to you as a, "his", Goddess? I think tobasco sauce is a good idea at that point....