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They lied: size DOES matter!

Boys, you have been lied to your whole life. Contrary to popular belief, size DOES actually matter! You know it does, deep down you've always known this to be true. You know that the length and width of your cock matters and you are painfully aware of the fact that yours just isn't big enough to please any woman, or a man for that matter.

Size matters. It's a fact. Girls don't fuck small dick losers like you, they don't even spit at you...unless you pay them to. They know what you have in your pants and they know how tiny it is and how you struggle to get it hard. It's short, it's tiny, it's wrinkly and it's ugly. You're hairy, fat, sweaty and pale. Look at yourself in the mirror. Not a very appealing sight, now is it? Fat slob with a tiny little manclit between his hairy, fatty thighs laid over sweaty wrinkly balls. And you wonder why you can't get laid.

Here's an example of a classic pindick posing with the ruthless ruler. The ruler doesn't lie, boys, it tells you the truth. Four inches just isn't going to cut it, losers.


  1. size is very important. because I want inside a large black stallion.

  2. You wouldn't even feel that :(

  3. I know what my sissy stick is useful for. Nothing!